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Artificial Intelligence

Different types of Industries use Artificial Intelligence; what are they?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging means that allows people to rethink how we combine information, interpret data, and utilize the resulting...
NFC Technology

What is NFC Technology, and How can you implement it in Your Business

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a system designed to connect devices wirelessly at short ranges and high frequencies so that multiple...
What is QoS

What is QoS, and What Is It For?

QoS stands for Quality of Service, which means the quality of service. In communications, this phrase refers to the quality of the...
Instagram Lite app

Instagram Lite app is launched, works on a 2G network as well

Facebook has launched Instagram lite in 170 countries, particularly for people with space memory concerns. The app is intended...
Coronavirus affect on social media

Coronavirus may affect your Social Media & Digital Marketing services

In a blog post, Google announced that to reduce the demand for people to come into offices, YouTube and other business divisions...
Facebook Messenger business

Facebook joins Messenger & Instagram chats in the new app for small businesses

Facebook is starting a new app to make small business owners maintain pages and profiles across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, COO Sheryl...
WhatsApp privacy policy

WhatsApp will not delete your account even if you don’t accept the privacy policy

Following much uproar, WhatsApp has abandoned the idea of pushing its users to accept the latest privacy policy by May 15.
YouTube Ideas

With Simple Steps, You Can Start YouTube Channel – YouTube Ideas

Youtube is the second social network globally and the second search engine after Google. It has excellent relevance, but it is necessary...
Desktop as a Service

6 Benefits of Implementing Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

There has been an increase in the percentage of companies that have reduced their turnover to 26.4%, almost four points more than...
PDF to JPG converter

PDFBear: Best PDF Converter in seconds for free

Maybe, you are currently seeking the most efficient tool online to change all your PDF files to any file format. We would...

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