apple MacBook Pro charger

Apple is set to launch the new MacBook Pro models powered by its line of chipsets. Apple will also bring back magnetic charger as well as updated displays on the latest MacBooks.

WIll launch the new MacBook Pro laptop models this year, which will arrange the next generation of Apple chipsets, which will also be extra powerful, Bloomberg reported, citing a source.

The company is operating towards moving from its Intel chipset and powering its new laptops with an enhanced in-house chipset, both in processing and graphics performance.

The new MacBook Pro laptops are supposed to be launched in 14-inch models and a 16-inch version.

The company moves away from the Intel chipset, which uses an entirely different architecture compared to the new ARM-based chipsets that the company claims provide better performance and greater battery efficiency.

The report pretends that Apple may launch the new MacBook Pros around the middle of the year.

Apple moved to USB Type-C five years ago for charging, and data transfer purposes.

Apple recently launched MagSafe charging on its new range iPhone 12 smartphones, strengthening this speculation even further.

Additionally, the report states that the return of MagSafe on the new MacBook Pro models would also allow for faster charging with the connector having an elongated pill-shaped design of the older MagSafe port.

The notebooks will feature multiple USB Type-C ports, and hopefully, Apple will continue to allow charging via these ports.

Other updates will also combine brighter, higher-contrast display panels, according to the report. The new Macs will look comparable to the current versions with minor design modifications in terms of aesthetics. The report claims that Apple may launch the new MacBook Pros around the middle of the year.


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