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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Toshiba ends the laptop business

Toshiba is out of the laptop business, a 35-years run

Toshiba calmly exited the laptop business once and for all last week, ending a 35-year run by selling its outstanding minority stake...
COVID-19 Personal Loans

Who Should Take COVID-19 Specific Personal Loans?

The world had never seen a pandemic like this before. The COVID-19 crisis has prolonged for over half a year now and...
Troubleshoot SD Card on Mac

How to Troubleshoot SD Card Not Showing Up on Mac?

Mac users like you sometimes may find the SD card not showing up on Mac. As a result, you can't open the...
Health Insurance

Why is it Essential to Get Health Insurance Quotes Before Buying One?

Life goes on at a usual pace until we experience unforeseen events such as a medical emergency. Such situations can damage our...
cipla coronavirus tablet

Cipla received India permit to sell COVID-19 drug favipiravir

Cipla Ltd has acquired Indian regulatory approval to sell anti-viral drug favipiravir to treat the virus COVID-19, the Cipla told on Friday,...
Liquid Fund Investments

Liquid Fund Investments – An Idea Worth Exploring

Imagine you have received a sudden and unexpected windfall, and you want to park those funds for a short period until you...
online term insurance

4 Reasons Why You Need an Online Term Plan Calculator

While buying online term insurance plan, you would want to get the maximum coverage for your family. However, you may be hesitant...
Indian Women

Indian Women in Business: Path to Equality

The Impact of Tradition While in the not-so-distant past, it was unthinkable for a woman to become a politician,...
Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online With No Upfront Investment

Making money without having to invest first seems too good to be true. What kind of business doesn’t require startup capital?
upGrad online edu

upGrad edu firm to invest ₹150 cr in the online higher education

Education startup, upGrad, intends to invest ₹150 crores into its online higher education business following its two new partnerships with Jamia Hamdard...

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