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Monday, January 18, 2021
Live Streaming Technology

How Is Live Streaming Tech Used in Everyday Life?

These days, we tend to take the technology that we use every day for granted. Many years ago, we wouldn’t have been...
Facebook removed Like Button

Facebook drops Like button from Public Pages, new Rediseged layout

Facebook has turned out the new layout for Facebook Pages. In the new design, the pages used by public figures, including artists,...
New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Privacy Policy, terms of service to continue using WhatsApp

WhatsApp users notification about its new terms of service and privacy policy. The organisation notified users about the modifications made in the...
Apple removed apps on its china store

Apple Removed 39,000 game apps on its China store

Apple removes 39,000 game apps on its China store Thursday, the most effective removal in a single day, as it set year-end...
YouTube Gaming Channel

A YouTube Channel To Showcase Your Gaming Skills

Are you an avid gamer and enjoy playing the latest games on the market? If the answer is yes, your gaming skills...
Best sports Apps

Best apps to follow your favourite sports

If you’re into your sports, you’ll want to be sure you’re not missing out on all the latest news, scores, and more...
Bitcoin 2020

Bitcoin has surged by more than 400 percent this year

The value of bitcoin climbed over 6 percent to $20, 676 on Wednesday, an all-time high reported in three years.
Learn Online

Interesting Things You Can Easily Learn Online

Whether you’re looking to further your career or find a new hobby you can get into in your free time, the corners...
YouTube to limit gambling and alcohol ads

YouTube to allow users to limit gambling and alcohol ads

Google, the parent company of YouTube, is adding a new control in ‘Ad Settings’ that will allow people to see limited alcohol...
Charter Spectrum

Internet: Charter Spectrum Internet History

Charter Spectrum, being one of the largest service providers, offers cable, internet, and phone services and serves millions of Americans. Since it...

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