Best Tools For Paying For Advertising Campaigns in 2024: From Google Ads to TikTok Ads

Best Tools For Paying For Advertising Campaigns in 2024: From Google Ads to TikTok Ads

Today, businesses constantly have to adapt to new market conditions and requirements. This is especially true for the media buying industry, where effective campaign management and cost optimization are key success factors. Successful companies strive for maximum efficiency in their advertising strategies, so they utilize only the most innovative expense management tools. In this article, we will explore the best payment tools for advertising campaigns in 2024, highly valued by professional media buyers. 


PSTNET is a financial platform where you can find a virtual multi-currency card (Visa/MasterCard) for any needs. You can use it to pay for digital products or orders in online stores. Additionally, you can purchase advertising for your business – for this purpose, the service offers cards for media buying. They are perfectly suited for paying for advertising campaigns on all popular platforms from Google Ads to TikTok. For efficient distribution of the advertising budget, you can choose the best credit card for ads. Users highly praise them. They note that the cards have no transaction fees, which makes them stand out among other services. In numerous positive PST reviews, you can also find other attractive features of the cards for paying for advertising campaigns from PST NET. Let’s consider their main characteristics below:

PST Net Ads
  • No transaction fees, withdrawal fees, or payment declines
  • Unique BINs from US and European banks: minimizing the risk of payment declines
  • Convenient BIN checker on the website
  • No fees for operations with blocked or frozen cards
  • Easily replenish card balances via USDT TRC20, BTC (+15 coins), SWIFT bank transfers, SEPA, or Visa/Mastercard
  • One-step registration on the platform: use your existing Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, Apple ID, or email account
  • Cards are issued instantly right after registration
  • First card can be obtained without providing any documentation
  • Cards are equipped with 3D-Secure technology, ensuring additional transaction security
  • No limit on card issuance
  • Option to withdraw funds in USDT
  • Additional functionality for team collaboration: within the team, roles can be assigned, spending limits can be set, and financial reports on all transactions can be obtained
  • Responsive customer support: managers are available to answer user questions 24/7

Under the special program for media buyers, PST Private, users gain even more benefits and advantages. This includes 3% cashback on advertising expenses, a 3% commission on card top-ups, and a 50% discount for the first month of usage. Users can issue up to 100 cards simultaneously, and there’s no requirement for confirming advertising expenses.

2. Mybrocard


Mybrocard is a financial service that also offers various virtual cards for paying for advertising campaigns on popular platforms. With them, users can engage in online shopping, pay for subscriptions, or digital services. Users appreciate the service for its low commission rates and flexible top-up methods. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the service:

  • 1% + $0.30 – commission fee for international payments
  • 0.5% – commission fee for declined payment transactions
  • The top-up commission fee depends on the method of top-up
  • 3 types of BINs from US banks. They are regularly updated.
  • The card can be topped up via the Capitalist service, USDT, WIRE, or the Marketcall affiliate network. The minimum deposit amount is $500.
  • To have the funds credited to the account, you need to wait for approval from the service manager. This usually takes from 24 hours to 14 business days.
  • The first 50 cards can be obtained for free, each subsequent one will cost $2.
  • Additional team functionality: role distribution and member management are available.
  • The registration process takes no more than 24 hours on weekdays.
  • To be able to issue cards, you need to provide the service manager with a questionnaire with data, undergo a brief interview, and then wait for verification.

3. Flexcard


Flexcard offers virtual Visa/Mastercard cards, which are used by many professionals for paying for advertising campaigns in 2024. These cards are also suitable for simple online payment transactions. Users appreciate that the cards have no maintenance fees.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Paid issuance: the price for 1 card starts from 2 euros.
  • Flexible balance top-up methods: cards can be topped up via USDT, bank transfer, Capitalist, or transfer from the balance of partner services.
  • Minimum top-up amount is 50 euros or 100 euros, depending on the method.
  • There is a fee for depositing funds: it starts from 3.5%.
  • Registration is quite fast – no more than 24 hours.
  • Cards can be created immediately after activating the personal account. To do this, you need to fill out a questionnaire and contact the service manager.
  • 3 types of unique BINs. New ones appear every 4 months.
  • There is an option to use team functionality: manage card issuance and distribute roles among group members.
  • Support service managers work from 10:00 to 22:00 (GMT +3).

4. Wallester


The payment service Wallester is specifically designed for paying for advertising campaigns and traffic arbitration. Users highly appreciate it, however, it has significant limitations on usage. It only works with legal entities, and transactions without additional expenses are possible only in euros. Nevertheless, it allows issuing up to 300 cards for advertising purposes free of charge at once.

Let’s consider its features:

  • Cards are issued instantly.
  • Wide selection of cards: users can choose virtual or physical, debit or credit cards.
  • Unique BINs.
  • Team functionality: users can control expenses for each card and each team member.
  • No transaction fees in euros, any other transactions occur with a 2% commission.
  • Tariffs are available, within which it is possible to issue from 3000 to 15,000 cards.

5. is a service for managing advertising expenses. Users can choose Visa and Mastercard cards. All cards offered by the service are prepaid cards. Positive reviews of the service highlight that it is excellent for large advertising campaigns – if monthly expenses start from $40,000, then cards can be issued for free.

Let’s consider other features of the service’s cards:

  • Fast card issuance: the first card can be obtained in about 10 minutes.
  • It’s easy to top up card balances from the personal account (via the common balance).
  • BINs of US banks are available.
  • Up to 100 digital cards can be issued monthly at no additional cost. Any card beyond this limit will cost $0.50 each.
  • Fixed commission for fund crediting – 3.5% of the amount.

Tools for team collaboration in the personal account: budgets can be set for other team members.
In conclusion, each of the financial services in our article offers a unique combination of advantages. All their tools are great for media buying and are already actively used by professionals to pay for advertising campaigns in 2024. For example, PSTNET with their advantageous program for media buyers PST Private and absence of commissions, Mybrocard with flexible top-up methods, FlexCards with low service fees and card issuance, Wallester with excellent conditions for entire corporations, and with functionality for managing large advertising budgets; all these services can meet the most demanding user needs. Each financial instrument for paying for advertising campaigns from our selection is an innovative tool that evolves along with businesses and international technologies.

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