Now FIFA desires robots to replace Linesman and Assistant Referees.

Now FIFA desires robots to replace Linesman and Assistant Referees.

Due to the many mistakes from human referees, FIFA is exploring the possibility of replacing the matchday linesman and assistant referees with robots.

The talks are undertaken within the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) of the world’s football association. The English publication Mirror mentioned that the team is working to include the technology in the game of football. Now robots will take the decisions of goals and all penalities.

Clearly, an official confirmed to the Mirror Online: “FIFA already have a department set up researching into these exact areas.

“Will they substitute referee assistants completely with cameras and computers ruling offsides and throw-ins? Definitely, It could happen one day.”

It might be a few years away, but the game could have another added disillusion after the defeat to convince the fans over the addition of the VAR in the Premier League. But, it was a monster hit in other European top-flight leagues – including the Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga, who have chosen this technology over the past season at least.

FIFA president Giovanni Infantino is a tremendous fan of the newly-wedded technology and desires to introduce the robots to revoke high-profile errors, which was a common occurrence before years ago.

Premier League VAR chief Neil Swarbrick retained the VAR and rejected is being taken away from referees during games.

Talking to the Daily Star per The Mirror, the former referee said: “It’s because people are not related to it yet. Sometimes it gives even more entertainment.”

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