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With the economy in turmoil, unemployment is high, and many firms are looking for ways to cut costs by hiring fewer people. When this happens, companies that need to hire seasonal (or temporary) workers have to find a way to attract them when no one else wants them.

It’s challenging for seasonal employers to have enough staff to staff up during the peak season. In a slow economy, many seasonal firms are feeling the pinch. Read this article on recruiting seasonal workers in a slow economy to learn about hiring these employees during tough times.

Rewards Workers with Non-Monetary Incentives

One key way to recruit seasonal workers in a slow economy is by using non-monetary incentives. Non-monetary incentives include items that are not financially valuable but can increase morale. For example, you can provide a free lunch to thank the workers for their hard work during the busy season. Another example of a non-monetary incentive is providing discounts on other services not related to your business.

Serve a Restaurant

When it comes to finding a restaurant that can serve your customers through the busy season, you can look for them on craigslist or check for temporary help services. Some companies can find your restaurants with the right service equipment and food to serve your customers on time.

Point Out Experience

When you’re recruiting seasonal workers in a slow economy, it is important to point out experience when possible. Firms that handle the right kinds of seasonal work are increasingly able to attract experienced workers with engineering backgrounds or have worked in specific industries before. If you mention this type of experience, it will help you to recruit these workers.

Promote With Text Ads

You can promote seasonal jobs with text ads in the newspaper and on craigslist. Pointing out the experience that workers will receive when they work can help you attract seasonal workers in a slow economy. You can also mention any non-monetary incentives that you’ll provide to your seasonal staff.

Cut Down on Your Overhead

When you’re trying to recruit seasonal workers in a slow economy, you’ll want to cut down on your overhead costs. The less money you spend on paystub creator​​​​​​​, hr, payroll, and benefits, the more money you can apply to other important facets of your firm. It would help if you also made sure that any non-monetary incentives are worthwhile for the workers considering joining your firm. If you’re offering free lunches, for example, you need to make sure that the food tastes good and is worth the money.

Be upfront with the Workers

When you’re recruiting seasonal workers in a slow economy, it is important to be upfront with your workers. Choose your words carefully when trying to attract them, and make sure that you don’t make empty promises. If they are not attracted to your position, they won’t want to work for you.

Offer the Job to Foreign Workers

When you’re trying to attract seasonal workers in a slow economy, it may be worthwhile to offer the position to foreign workers. Foreign workers have different skills that help keep your firm running when there is a lot of competition for employees with the right experience. If you’re looking for someone who speaks a second language, Asian or Latino nationals can help you get started this season!

Explain why the Workers should Join your Firm

When you’re trying to recruit seasonal workers in a slow economy, you need to understand why the workers should join your firm. Offer a chance for temporary workers to learn about your industry. If they learn relevant skills, they can use those skills for future jobs like cotton farming jobs or even in their own business. Some people will connect with your company and want to work there permanently!

Hiring Affordable Part-Time Workers

When you’re trying to recruit seasonal workers in a slow economy, it may be worthwhile to hire part-time workers. They can help your firm keep up during the busy season while focusing on tasks that do not require much attention. If you are hiring part-time staff, it is important to check their background carefully. Know the minimum and maximum hours they will work so that your business does not suffer from staff shortages during the busy season.

Be Realistic

Finally, while you’re focusing on the importance of how to find seasonal workers in a slow economy, it’s important to remember that this is a time where companies must be realistic. During these times, firms shouldn’t be trying to recruit people for permanent positions; instead, they need to focus on finding temporary workers to provide them with a needed service.


Recruiting seasonal workers in a slow economy is difficult; not everyone wants to work during the busy season. However, by following these tips, you will recruit seasonal workers in a slow economy with ease.

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