Solar panel: Planning to switch to solar panels? Know this

Solar panel: Planning to switch to solar panels? Know this

Solar energy has been an incredible advancement in recent years, and with an ideal geographical location, India is counted amongst the top solar energy-producing countries in the world.

With people switching over to green energy at a fast pace, solar is one of the best eco-friendly options available for Indian households.

The primary function of a solar panel is to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar energy has an array of advantages to offer, from helping you save money to safeguarding the environment.

There are different ways of utilizing solar energy. One of the methods is to install a 12v solar panel on your rooftop.

Solar Energy

However, to install solar panels, there are certain things that you need to consider.

  • Condition of The Roof

Rooftop solar panels come with a service life of 20-25 years, but before installation, the condition of your roof must be inspected thoroughly. If the roof is damaged, the installation will not last for a long time. Therefore, it is better that you first invest in getting the roof repaired, if needed. It would help if you also saw that your roof has sufficient space to support solar panel installation. It also needs to be shadeless so that maximum sunlight can be trapped during the daytime.

  • The slope of The Roof

The slope of the roof is one of the important factors that will help in determining the efficiency of the solar panels. It is advisable that a north-facing roof is preferred as rooftop solar panels installed in this direction will generate the maximum amount of electricity.

  • Calculating the Weight of the Roof

Every roof can withstand a certain amount of weight, and solar panels increase the weight of the roofs. To avoid situations like a collapse resulting in monetary loss, it is essential to determine the weight your roof can handle. It is always better to get the weight calculated by a professional.

  • Analyze the Consumption Needs Of Your Home

Different buildings have different consumption needs, depending on the appliances, gadgets, and machinery that need to be powered. So, before installing a 12v solar panel, it is better to examine your home’s needs carefully.

Which Solar Panel Suits your home the best?

Apart from the factors mentioned above, it is equally important to understand which type of solar panel is suitable for your house.

In India, leading brands like Luminous offer two types of solar panels- Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels. The 12v polycrystalline solar panel comes with an advanced EVA encapsulation that gives better protection and anti-reflective coating for more light absorption.

We have listed some other basic facts that might come to your rescue as you shift to solar panels-

  1. Solar Energy Is Free

Once the cost of installing solar panels is covered, there is no need for you to spend a single rupee on the electricity they produce. With 12v solar panels installed, you will reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing solar energy since it is green and renewable.

  • Maintenance

With a standard warranty of 25 years, once the solar panels are installed, there is almost no need for maintenance. Just make sure that they are clean. A tilted roof requires less cleaning since rain washes away the dirt.

By switching to solar panels, you are not only choosing a greener, more efficient way of living for your home, but you are also helping the environment.  With an increase in solar productivity, reduced prices, and the advent of new technologies, it will be interesting to observe where India will stand in the solar industry in the future.

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