Pros and Cons of Content Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Pros and Cons of Content Generated by Artificial Intelligence

The race to create quality content is becoming more difficult for marketers.

Securing a high-ranking article on Google is already a challenge, and it’s even more difficult when your business is new or lacks search engine authority.

In 2023, many businesses want to leverage more tools to increase content production and improve SEO, and AI-generated content is a popular solution.

Next, we will discuss the pros and cons of AI-generated content. But before we dive into them, let’s first define what it is.

What is content generated by Artificial Intelligence?

AI-generated content is a text created by machines, such as blogs, articles, descriptions, and other marketing materials, based on human search queries.

Artificial intelligence software can extract pre-existing information from search engines and create unique content from people’s search queries on different keywords, phrases, or topics.

Below, we dive into a popular AI tool, GPT Chat, and explain how to optimize it to improve your marketing efforts.

Advantages of the content generated by Artificial Intelligence

Fast delivery: Artificial Intelligence provides almost immediate results for rapid content creation, no matter if the topic is simple or complicated. Human writers, even at their most productive, can take hours to produce quality blog posts or marketing materials. By contrast, your average AI tool will take less than a minute to produce a similar product.

Profitable: Artificial Intelligence can create content at a fraction of the cost of a full-time writer or freelancer. Artificial Intelligence subscriptions typically cost less than $100 for an annual subscription.

Better SEO: One of the key points is the SEO-related capabilities of the content generated by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence extracts already popular and SEO-optimized content to address the desired topic. This is a great value-add, especially if you don’t know how to write about specific keywords or how to structure your page.

No writer’s block: There’s a lot of pressure to develop new ideas, and it gets even more daunting with a deadline. By using Artificial Intelligence, writers don’t have to worry about burning out or falling behind, as it can generate multiple ideas for you to work on from a single input.

Disadvantages of the content generated by Artificial Intelligence

Plagiarism concerns

Artificial Intelligence pulls from multiple sources to create the content users seek. Still, you wouldn’t know it because it never provides citations.

The legal risk is that an author or artist could sue for flagrant plagiarism of their original work if it is too related.

Look for reverse images and verify your content generated by Artificial Intelligence: You cannot trust all the information you receive, as it may come from an uncredited source.

Google Devalues ‚Äč‚ÄčArtificial Intelligence Content

Google’s Helpful Content Update outlines its mission to “help people see more original and useful content written by people, for people, in search results. “

Amid the rise of AI writing tools, search engines may recognize AI because it typically lacks human expertise, authority, and reliability.

You don’t need to forgo Artificial Intelligence in content creation completely. Instead, use it wisely to help develop your creativity, covering things like grammar checking, content ideation, or short-form content.

Inconsistent quality

Those who start using AI-generated content may receive a different quality level each time. The amount of information available on topics will vary depending on how much relevant content exists on each topic.

That means you won’t have a constant output of informative content on every topic that interests you.

The more specific you are with AI content search queries, the less likely you will run into this issue. If you need results to mimic a particular visual style or reading level, include them in the search for a better chance of getting a more consistent result.

Requires human investigation

Uploading AI-generated content without reviewing or editing it beforehand is not the best idea. Humans can identify messy, inaccurate, or offensive content that AI technology would miss due to a lack of knowledge.

If you rely on AI-generated content, use it as the basis for an idea rather than the finished product. Use the results you receive to tailor them to something original for that human aspect that Google seeks.

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