Signal new payment feature; users can send and receive cryptocurrencies

Signal new payment feature; users can send and receive cryptocurrencies

Signal the messaging app rival of WhatsApp; Signal is an encrypted messaging app. It is testing the latest payments feature on its app that would permit users to send payments.

Yet, Signal don’t want users to connect their debit or credit card details to transfer the money; it intends to rely on cryptocurrency for that.

The payments feature is presently available in beta for users in the country United Kingdom (UK). The Signal messaging app is still to start testing the features in the other countries.

“The latest Signal betas are rolling out today. Inside, you’ll notice performance enhancements, a slew of bug fixes, enhancements to the mute settings. If you’re in the United Kingdom, you’ll see a guide for Signal Payments. This new feature allows you to send and receive privacy-focused payments as quickly as sending or receiving a message. This is a beta feature in a beta build, but for those in the United Kingdom experiencing life on the edge, please help us test and give feedback,” Jun Harada, Signal’s head of growth and communication, stated in a blog post.

A signal is examining the payments feature with one etiquette, the Mobilecoin wallet, which has its currency, MOB.

Harada in the blog revealed that once you connect the Mobilecoin wallet to Signal, you can begin sending money to your friend, family and even collect money from them.

He convinced that Signal would not have passage to your funds, balance etc., due to the process Mobilecoin has been designed. Only the sender and receiver will identify the transactions, and Signal will not possess passage to anything similar to users’ money on its app.

Signal Payments performs it simple to link a MobileCoin wallet to Signal, so you can begin transferring funds to colleagues and family, receive money from them, keep a record of your balance, and analyse your transaction account with a simplistic interface.

As forever, our goal is to hold your data in your hands willingly than ours; MobileCoin’s design involves Signal does not have entrance to your balance, complete transaction history.

You can also transfer your funds at any moment if you require to change to another app or service,” Harada said in the blog.

The feature is open to users in the United Kingdom for testing. A signal is seeing ahead to the feedback and will develop beta to other demands based on that.

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