10 Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate in eCommerce

10 Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate in eCommerce

Buying anytime, anywhere, and without limits is the desire of any user. This implies that companies can sell their products or services anytime without adhering to specific schedules.

The proliferation of ecommerce in the last year has been driven by the digitalization of a society that has discovered the benefits of buying from home or anywhere.

However, there are many companies that, despite having created an ecommerce, need to achieve better conversions. To close a sale, we must implement well-planned strategies and actions that allow us to improve the transformation we want to achieve.

The conversion rate is a formula that calculates the percentage of users who come to a website and end up performing a desired action (in the case of e-commerce, it is usually the purchase of a product/service). But what can be done to improve it?

  1. Mobile first: We must remember that most e-commerce traffic is commercial today, so when creating our user experience, we must do it with mobile in mind. Avoiding tiny text or buttons makes purchasing on our website easier for our customers. 
  2. A safe place to buy with peace of mind: This is undoubtedly another point to consider since clients must protect their data. Having “safe site” certificates is essential. Still, it is also crucial to connect with the payment gateway so that the user feels like they are staying in control of the purchase.
  3. Optimize loading times: This is a crucial factor since there is no worse feeling than entering e-commerce and having the page not load. To do this, it is advisable to perform load tests and work with the development team to take actions to improve performance. It has been proven that if a user enters the e-commerce and your page takes a while to load, he will quickly leave the website.
  4. Take care of your copies: It can make a difference. Good copy is essential in any business. Text is one of the great resources we have to generate emotions and decisions among our buyers. There is no magic Call to action; everything will depend on what your target audience is like.
  5. Social networks are a must: Networks such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook allow us to reach our target audience and incorporate more and more e-commerce functionalities, even allowing the user to carry out the purchasing process without leaving their social network. Carrying out an excellent social media strategy will enable us to increase the reach of our products and even improve your purchasing experience since we can use interactive formats so that the user can see the product better and encourage their purchase.
  6. Remember customer service: One of the significant advantages of Smartphones is that users can connect wherever they want, and brands must offer them attention whenever possible. Live -chat or chatbots will allow us to solve doubts in real time for our potential customers when necessary, facilitating their purchasing decisions. Make them your allies.
  7. Be present at the right time: An advantage of ecommerce is that we can contact our buyers at the ideal time. Using push notifications when the user is, for example, in a particular place that we know may need our product allows us to impact them with the necessary information at the right time.
  8. Bet on content created by the user: What a client says is worth much more than what the company says. Customers highly value what other customers think and recommend, as it reduces their fear and pushes them to buy our product/service.
  9. The checkout is the final and most important step to convert: A minor distraction or mistake during the checkout process can cause your conversion rate to plummet. User experience plays a vital role at this moment. Using auto-completed forms, implementing one-click payment, or simply a good display of the card brand logo when the user is entering their banking information can make a difference.
  10. The buyer is the one who has the last word: A/B tests are essential to test any hypothesis. There is no better way to improve conversions than by measuring each possibility to see if they work among your target audience.

There are many possibilities for improving conversion in e-commerce. A plan and a strategy that allows us to undertake them orderly and focus on the target audience is essential to increase purchases.

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