4 Essential Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

4 Essential Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

The rise of e-commerce is nothing new. The increase in online stores and the tendency of customers to get their products on the web is what you have been preparing for. I’m sure! 

However, you should know that with this boom, not only do new ways to sell or promote your products appear, but also ideal channels to communicate with your customers, answer their questions and show that you are there for them.

You should know that each stage of this Customer Journey has a unique and specific communication. With what objective? Guide your user to the next step.

In this article, I will tell you how to use Email to get the most out of each contact. With a good Email Marketing strategy (and some tips on Automation and Transactional Email), you can offer an optimal experience that attracts and converts more customers to your online store.  

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique to nurture your leads with timely, relevant and coherent messages. The goal behind each strategy is to create a lasting relationship with them.

Email Marketing is not just sending Emails. Not at all. Suppose you thought sending emails with your products left and right was a way to do Emailing. In that case, I recommend that you continue reading this article.

Plus point: Your emails reach people who have agreed to receive them. At some point in the flow, they have consented to you to send them communications. They are specific recipients, not random followers.

With an appropriate strategy with consistent and relevant content, Email Marketing can help you achieve the following:

  • Trust,
  • Empathy,
  • Warranty,
  • Promotion
  • and, logically, sales.

If you look at the emails you have received in the last few days, you will see that not all of them are written to sell you something. However, that doesn’t mean that selling isn’t the ultimate goal. Think that behind these shipments, others will arrive. With new content. With other objectives. That’s where you have to personalize the experience you want to provide.

Creating an Emailing strategy involves recognizing the stages of your Conversion Funnel, understanding the objective you have when sending each type of Email Campaign, and what you hope to achieve: traffic to your site, massiveness in the product launch, conversion with a specific promotion, reactivation of inactive clients, among many other objectives.

Each Email must be thought of uniquely from its conception; you will only achieve its objective.

Why Incorporate Email Marketing into your eCommerce

If you can have the entire purchase flow of your E-commerce without the customer needing to set foot in your physical store (if you even have one), you must have channels ready to provide the best service remotely. Sounds logical, right? This is where Email becomes relevant.

It is the personalized and direct channel through which you generate and nourish the bond with your clients. Even with the potential… Why? Mainly because if a user has given you his email address to receive your promotions or learn more about you, he has an interest.

The first step is to get people interested in you. Increase your Database and get more emails by incorporating Subscription Forms into your online store.

As your contacts list grows, think about how you will contact them. A good way is to determine where they come to you from: from Social Networks, from Ad Campaigns, from your own Site or Blog, etc. Knowing where they come from will help you know where to take them and how.

Remember that thanks to Email Marketing, you can make each contact with your potential clients with the same effectiveness as you would if you had them face to face.

These are 4 reasons why you should incorporate Emails into your strategy:


There are different messages when you write to a man and a woman. To a teenager and an adult. To someone who has already bought from you and those who barely know about your brand.

According to a study in which Doppler participated, segmented Emails increased their Open Rate by 59%. Simply because you are sending content relevant to that portion of your Database. Fewer subscribers will unsubscribe when your targeting is correct, keeping your Contact List current.

Part of what I talked about before determining where your users come from serves to have another audience segmentation criterion. Traffic source, age, geographic location, tastes and interests, last purchase, last activity or interaction in your store. It doesn’t matter what criteria you use. Still, you can always create more permeable segments to receive your communications. Seize it!


If those of us in this business know anything, it is how the customer wants (and should) feel special. Not unique, but memorable. That is why the personalization that Email Marketing offers in each shipment is enviable.

I’m not just talking about putting the client’s name: “Hello, Susan”, for example, which would be great. I’m talking about personalizing everything in the Email. If you know what time of day you are sending the Email to Susan, greet her accordingly ( Good morning, Susan! ). If you know her last purchase, offer her a related product ( This bracelet would look good with your dress, Susan) or show her the latest collection only if she has been interested in it before ( We know you were waiting for it, Susan).

Use your emails to connect with your audience. Avoid generic emails and promotions that are not specific. Network Business School states personalized emails average an 18.8% Open Rate. Customize, and you will succeed.


Although marketing automation may be a world apart, it is undoubtedly a valuable factor you should consider in your strategy. You can include automated emails based on the behaviour of your subscribers in your online store, according to their interaction with previous Emails you have sent, if they have subscribed to a new list, if you have an update on your Blog, etc. The options are many. And the benefits more.

Including automated Emails in your business will be essential to:

  • Save time and resources that you could invest in other areas of the business.
  • Optimize your conversion metrics with messages that react to your customer’s actions.
  • Increase Engagement with your audience with instant responses.

Suppose you want to have your E-commerce running all the time, something that seems logical and necessary to me. In that case, you cannot leave this type of permanent communication aside. You are not a robot, nor will your team be attentive day and night, so I recommend you take advantage of emailing solutions to be active 24/7 and serve your clients. 


The fourth reason I recommend doing Email Marketing is simple: you can know what happens with each Campaign you send. From the number of opens to the number of clicks, unsubscribed users, conversion and bounce rates, and much more.

Measure, measure and measure. I always recommend it. Only then will you know how to improve what is not working? Not only that but analyzing the performance of your email marketing campaigns helps you learn more about the interests of your subscribers. Did they like your latest products? Did the subject you used for your Email catch their attention? Have you found the call to action button easy to make the purchase?

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