8 YouTube Tricks That Every Freelance Videographer Should Be Aware Of!

8 YouTube Tricks That Every Freelance Videographer Should Be Aware Of!

If you’re a videographer, then mastering YouTube is probably on your to-do list. YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. And video content accounts for nearly seventy-five percent of all internet traffic. 

Viewers judge videos based on a range of metrics. In today’s competitive market, videos need to be excellent to hold your viewers. The longer your video is, the better you need to make it. 

Videos on YouTube are judged based on their production quality, the quality of the content, the presentation, and the style. 

Hence, YouTubers and videographers need every edge they can get to create the most eye-catching videos out there. The fact that anyone can put up videos on YouTube is a boon and a curse. It means that the options for viewers are practically limitless, and individual content creators struggle to get noticed. 

Follow these eight tips to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward with every video you make. 

Add Value

Even though this may go without saying, you need to be original and creative with each of your videos. You do not want viewers to have the impression that they have seen your video before. This is easier said than done. 

If you want to get attention to your content, you should start by doing keyword and persona research. This will tell you what kind of searches people are making on YouTube so that your video can fill gaps that exist. Even though it seems like there is already a video for everything out there, it is not valid. 

Viewers are looking for new kinds of videos every day, and all you have to do is tune in to their requirements. 

While coming up with ideas for your content, check whether another videographer has already covered the idea or not. You will get less mileage out of your content if you are competing with other similar videos. 

Make a Plan 

Make a plan for how the content will proceed before you start filming. Ideally, your first step should be to write a script. It would help if you jotted down everything you or the presenter or actors of your video are going to be saying. 

Remember that writing a script is different from any other kind of writing because you need to write the way people talk. 

If you are making a complicated video, then be sure to make a storyboard as well. This will give you clarity on how the video is supposed to look once it is completed. 

Even though storyboarding is a time-consuming process, it is worth it, and many videographers swear by it. You can use a photo slideshow maker with music to make your videos more engaging. 

You should also include a few b-roll shots in the mix so that you have them handy during the editing process. It would help if you ever considered making a shot list so that your video has more structure. 

Choose Your Actors Carefully 

If your video needs actors, then this might be an essential step. Actors breathe life into videos, and you need to be very careful with the actors you pick. Ideally, you should choose someone who knows how to present themselves on a screen. 

If you are working with amateurs, do a few practice videos with them to teach them how to carry themselves in front of the camera. You need to ensure that your actors present themselves naturally and do not seem camera-conscious.

The Background is Important 

Many video makers choose to animate their videos because it saves them the trouble of being on location or designing a set. If you are doing a live-action video, then your video’s background carries a lot of weight. 

Remember that viewers always check out the background of a video. Do not try to fool your audiences by set dressing because it almost always delivers sub-par results, and you may end up looking like an amateur. 

Instead, you might want to pick out real locations that are relevant to your video. However, make sure that your background is not too crowded and does not unnecessarily demand attention. 

Be Careful About Lighting 

You need to ensure that your video is neither overexposed nor underexposed. You should check the exposure to provide the most natural look to your video

Further, you will need to eliminate any unwanted shadows from your video. Shadows can ruin the production quality of a good video. To eliminate shadows, you should make use of more than one source of light. 

Ideally, you should use the three-point lighting system that is common in videography. 

Check Your Sound Quality 

There is no point in a video if there is no audio (in most cases). Your audiences need to hear the sound in your video without having to adjust their volume. To this end, there are several types of microphones that you can use to enhance audio quality. To add audio to your video, then you can also use a free youtube to mp3 converter. 

For example, if you are using a smartphone to record your video, consider using a microphone to plug into your phone’s headphone input. These microphones quickly enhance the audio of your video without much hassle, and they don’t appear in the video since they are attached to the smartphone. 

Invest in a Tripod 

The stability that a tripod lends to your video cannot be dispensed with. Even if you have unnaturally steady hands, you won’t be able to keep your camera steady the entire time. Hence, use a tripod to help make your video look professional.

You can consider investing in a tabletop tripod or a standing tripod, depending on the kind of video content you make. 

Remember the Rule of Thirds 

Divide your video screen into one-thirds both horizontally and vertically. Place the subject of your video in one of the outer squares of the screen rather than the one in the dead center. This helps to ensure that your video does not look lifeless. It adds a certain dynamic quality to your video. 

A straight-on shot is usually not recommended for almost any kind of video unless you want it to have a very formal and official feel. 


Even though making videos for YouTube is not easy, you can shine once you do your research and get a little bit of practice. Use the steps above to get started and get ready to grow as you learn. 


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