A Dyson Is Just Within Your Reach

A Dyson Is Just Within Your Reach

When you shop for a vacuum, you want the right type for you to make cleaner better in your space. There are so many options to consider. Let’s take type:

Cable-free convertible stick vacuums: There are made for small to medium spaces and fast cleaning. If you want an affordable cable-free option, keep in mind that it may not clean as well as a pricier cable-free.

Cable upright vacuum cleaner (the Classic): Prices vary and there are amazingly great and resilient models available at prices that won’t punch your money bag. If you like a vacuum with a canister, Miele offers great but expensive units compared to Dyson that offer units at lower prices.

Handheld Cable-free vacuums: Strictly for fast cleanups only.

Robot vacuums: For floor that have nothing left behind. You know, like toys, books, electronics (and other signs of having a life).

So, follow your instincts and ultimately choose the vacuum that fits your busy or unbusy lifestyle. Should you go to a Dyson vacuum sale remember that it’s always going to come down to what you need, cost, and your own personal preferences. However, as I’m a Dyson sale fan, let me tell you about some cleaning obstacles I did so you at least know which Dyson ones impresses me as a fellow consumer.

Checking out the stick & handheld vacuums, here are my findings…

From my testing of cable-free stick & handheld vacuum cleaners (I love not tripping on a cable) I find that they’re really great for cleaning around my small space. For small spaces (especially hardwood floor ones) a good stick vacuum could be your best ally.

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Dyson is on top when it comes to stick vacuums and they truly deliver on fabulous results. Take the V11 stick, for example. The V11 stick vacuum is one that produces fantastic results on my obstacle course.

I’ve also noticed that other than the V11, the V6, V7, V8, and V10 from Dyson have also completed my obstacle course very well (the Dyson Australia team must be very proud). Units out on the market today range from $599 to $1299 in price.

I know, you’re in pain but please take a deep breath with me and let me show you why the high prices are justified.

Dyson’s small motor innovation is what makes it great. This is a company that has spent lots of time and resources making the vacuum motors as small as possible and inputting them in the cable-free vacuums that’s out there today.

That’s not to say that Dyson doesn’t have competition. It’s just that handheld vacuums are not as common now and most stick cable-free vacuums double as a handheld vacuum anyways. Which is why stick vacuums goes through the obstacle course the most.

How long is a Vacuum expected to last?

It comes down to the good factors of a vacuum and end price. Some units can fall apart in a year, others are working great after 5-7 years.

Cable-free models with batteries usually has differing warranty rules for the vacuum and for the batteries. These units normally have a 5-year warranty for the unit and a 2-3 year warranty for the batteries.

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