A Guide On How To Play and Win at Blackjack

A Guide On How To Play and Win at Blackjack

Blackjack was always one of the most popular gambling games both online and in real-life casinos. The game is based both on skill and luck as is the case with most other hugely popular gambling games.

That means that you can’t completely determine how a game will turn out as its stats, but when it does you can use skill and strategy to make the most out of the cards you’re dealt and back out of the game when that’s the best way to go. 

When The Dealer is Strong

The basic rules on how to play blackjack online and offline are the same. Some basic principles always apply and the most important of these are how to deal with the game when the dealer is strong and weak. 

When the dealer is strong – meaning that they show eight, nine, and ten, you should act as if they have 18, 19, and 20 – you should act aggressively.  That way you’ll get close to the magic number of 21 even though it also increases your chances of losing, which is the whole point of taking a risk.

When The Dealer is Weak

The opposite can also happen. When the dealer is weak you should adapt your strategy to that position. This is what happens when the dealer has smaller and weaker cards such as three, four, five, or even six. That will put the total on 13, 14, and 15.

It also means you can be confident in your game based on what your total is. If your total starts at 11 you should double down on your betting since chances are you’re still within the chance of winning. The same goes if the total is less than that.

Doubling Down and Splitting

Doubling down and splitting is a common way of playing blackjack since it increases your chances of winning and increases your potential win as well. That’s how most players play the game at least when it comes to online games since that’s easy enough to do and even automate.

However, those who actually have a strategy or download a strategy chart that can easily be found online rarely play in this manner. If you study such a chart you’ll see that doubling down is rarely if ever recommended. 

Accept You Can’t Win Every Time

It’s important to have this mindset in front of you if you’re planning to devise a long-term strategy. It’s best to accept that you can’t win every time and the game is made so that you can’t – it wouldn’t have been interesting or challenging if this isn’t the case. 

This attitude will also help you give up on a game when things aren’t going your way. That’s the best course of action when you notice that you’re losing and that it’s best to stop. By knowing that this happens sometimes, you’ll make such a call without seeing it as a failure. 

Don’t Play the Side Bets

Many players are tempted to play the side bets. These are a way to increase your winnings and earn some extra money on the side while playing the main game of blackjack. It’s usually a mistake to do so and you should stay clear of these when you’re playing the long game. 

In the long run, these side bets are always working in the favor of the house and it’s best not to play them at all since you’ll always end up leaving more money on the table than you take home.

Insurance Bets

Insurance bets are used to minimize the risk of your main blackjack game. These are offered to you by the dealer after they show a strong card. It may seem like a way to help you out and in the course of a single game it can – however, this is again a good time to watch the long game. 

When you take into account your long-term perspective, you’ll probably give up on relying on insurance bets since in the long run they always work in the favor of the house. Experienced blackjack players don’t use them at all.

A Conservative Approach

Both approaches we’ve outlined above are aggressive in nature. That means that they are best played when you attack and chaise the win. There’s a way of winning the game with a more conservative approach as well. It means winning but over a longer period and with a different attitude. 

In the long run, this approach is usually more lucrative even though it may not seem like it since it takes time until its effects kick in and you start making money based on the moves you’ve put out and plans you’ve made. 

To Sum Up

Blackjack is a game that requires both skill and luck. You can’t do much about your luck but there are strategies that you can learn and use to increase your chances and your winnings. These are about adapting your gameplay based on the cards that the dealer has. It’s also very much about attitude and the willingness to be aggressive.

You should also stay away from insurance bets and side bets since these won’t do you any good and they end up working in favor of the dealer. It’s also useful to know that there’s always a chance of losing and to act accordingly. 

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