Amit Shah Health: Amit Shah suffering from bone cancer? Fake tweet

Amit Shah Health: Amit Shah suffering from bone cancer? Fake tweet

A twitter screenshot image of Amit Shah’s, circulating on Social Media in that tweet is mentioned that “Amit Shah is suffering from Bone Cancer, a health issue. While it is Fake, this tweet not found on Amit Shah’s verified Twitter account.

A picture of fake tweets attributed to Union Home Minister Amit Shah is going viral on social media platforms, especially on WhatsApp.

The fake tweet is about Amit Shah’s health situation. People are sharing the picture of the fake tweet as proof to suggest that Amit Shah is sick and suffering from bone cancer. Amit Shah has shared no such information on his Twitter account. It is a photo-shopped tweet.

Amit Shah wrote in Hindi that he has bone cancer and asks blessings from the Muslim community for a speedy recovery. The purported tweet is flowing in the backdrop of people questioning the Home Minister’s low profile during the Covid-19 outbreak that continues to rage.

Tweet(Fake) about Amit Shah on Social Media Here is that tweet: “My fellow countrymen, each step that I took was for the nation’s well-being, I don’t hate any person from any caste or religion. Since the past few days, due to poor health, I haven’t been able to serve the citizens of the country, I am sad to share that I have bone cancer in the back of my throat. I hope during good months of Ramzan, the Muslim community will also pray for my speedy recovery, and I will be at your service soon.”

ALTNews website mentioned that this is a fake tweet, a photoshopped image that is circulating on social media. After this image trending on social media, many twitter users searched on Shah’s twitter. No one finds that tweet on Amith Shah’s verified twitter profile.

The fact check website ALTnews posted an article about “Fake tweet portrays Amit Shah saying he has bone cancer” in that article, they showed how that tweet is fake, that Tweet is not in perfect alignment, there are grammatical mistakes and Exceeds character count.

amit shah cancer

Twitter allows only 280 characters limit per one tweet while that tweet about Amit shah health issue on bone cancer has 149 extra characters.

Source: Fact Check, ALTNEWS

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