Apple’s Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, to clean all your hardware for ₹1900

Apple’s Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, to clean all your hardware for ₹1900

Apple’s October event was bound with hardware that introduced new measures for professional laptops. In over twenty years, Apple didn’t have an Intel chip in its acknowledged hardware for the initial time. 

Alternatively, the new and more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max followed the inefficient intel chips to leave the new MacBook Pro with slight conflict from the Windows side. 

Apple even triumphantly declared the return of individual ports, although they led them continuously in the first place.

As inspired as the internet was about the new MacBooks, they were also outraged regarding the price. In the US, the new laptops begin at an already eye-popping $1999 and could be spec’d up to $6099.

In India, they are even more costly, with each spec being an additional ₹50,000 at the very slightest. 

The base model 14-inch MacBook Pro begins at ₹194,900, and for the most expensive 16-inch model, you’ll require to shell out over ₹3,29,900.

Nevertheless, there was one other hardware that was quietly made available by Apple following the event. For just $19 (or ₹1900 in India), you could get an excellent microfiber cloth to clean all your fancy hardware. For connection, the most valuable microfiber cloth on Amazon India cost just under ₹400.

That transmits the Apple product with a healthy margin. Naturally, the accessory carried a lot of flack from people on social media. However, as first found by MacRumors, so many people in the United States have pre-ordered it that shipping times for new orders grow for months.

Though, if you’re in India, you can receive the product within a few days. And considering it is the only Apple accessory placed to be backward fit with almost all other Apple products on its site, you can go forward and polish all your innovative hardware, as well as the early ones.

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