Avoid These Five Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Avoid These Five Makeup Mistakes That Age You

If you look good with the makeup you did when you were 20 years old, it doesn’t mean that you still look good with it now, over 40 years old. Forget the fashion of a few decades ago and modernize your makeup!

Face Mask

Surely, you have met people who look like they have a mask on their face when they put on makeup. You see the products applied to the face instead of noticing how well the beautiful facial features are accentuated. And it’s not good because the “mask” adds years to everyone’s face.

We should never accept every feature of the face at the same time but in turn. If the look is accentuated, we should not make lips that stand out too much and vice versa. 

What is the solution? Give something up. Stop using mascara, just mascara. Or ditch the mascara and opt for brown eyeshadow alone. Swap the garish lipstick for lip balm. Combine foundation with moisturizer and forget bronzer altogether.

Tired Texture

What does this mean? You know how we wish our face wasn’t shiny? Well, that’s better than being extra matte and…dull. A little glow can make you look younger. If you’re going to spend some money, get a quality foundation. The best foundation not only makes your face glow and look alive and refreshed but also has skincare benefits that will stop your skin from looking tired.

Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows diminish with age; you don’t need to groom them excessively anyway. Plus, it’s extremely hard to grow them back as often once you’ve thinned them out excessively, and no one wants to see you looking like you’re in your 20s with a line drawn instead of eyebrows, right??

Old Fashioned Look

It’s so easy to get your eye makeup wrong! You can apply shades of eyeshadow that have been out of fashion for a while, you can go overboard with mascara as if we’re still in the 80s… It feels like you’re just adding a black line on the upper lid to accentuate the look, and when there, you create an old, dull “look”, which makes your eye smaller and expressionless.

Makeup too… sure

Doing everything right doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to be done. Take risks, accept challenges to try new shades and unusual colours, and play with makeup. Try to see how some cosmetic products applied to your face come to you… otherwise, safe makeup is boring; it doesn’t highlight anything, and it’s a shame. Experiment, modernize, and open your eyes and mind to new makeup methods and products other than the ones you’ve known for so many years. It can be a pleasant surprise!

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