Why Do You Need a Soothing Cream in Winter?

Why Do You Need a Soothing Cream in Winter?

Winter is a natural health challenge. You can have viruses or flu, and specific symptoms of the conditions you already have can become more robust.

Of course, apart from these inconveniences, you also have to consider how the skin will react. The body’s largest organ protects us from external factors and helps regulate our temperature. That’s why the skin can be attacked by cold, temperature changes, low humidity, etc. Next, we will explain why you need repair and soothing creams in winter.

Winter Skincare Routine

It would be good to adapt your routine to the new conditions as soon as the temperatures drop. If, until then, you only used light creams to hydrate, in the cold season, you need emollient and repair creams to help restore the skin every day.

You’ll also need to pay attention to the skin on your entire body, not just your skin and hands. Thus, use unique products for the body, and remember the soles and heels. Even if the soles are not visible, it does not mean that you should neglect them, especially since the skin tends to dry out even more during the winter.

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To repair and soothe the skin, you can use, for example, La Roche Posay creams. In general, dermatocosmetics are formulated with quality ingredients that target specific skin problems.

For example, for dry skin on the body, you can choose creams that contain shea butter, designed to hydrate and protect the skin barrier, niacinamides that restore the skin barrier, relieve itching and inflammation, and other ingredients proven to emollient and restore the skin in the cold season in particular.

Which cosmetic products you should not miss during the winter

First, remember the SPF, especially if you go to the mountains or other places with snow. Many people still associate using SPF with summer or going to the beach. This product should be applied daily as UV rays also pass through clouds. Moreover, they reflect from the snow in the winter, and you can choose pigment spots or, if you go skiing, including burns. Of course, SPF is one of the most effective defenses against skin cancer.

Then, remember the lip balm. In the cold season, lips suffer a lot from the cold, so you should have lip balm handy wherever you go. Choose one without fragrance, alcohol, or menthol so that it hydrates and repairs your lips.

A moisturizer suitable for skin type and season is essential. Even people with oily skin can experience dehydration or skin sensitivity. So, a moisturizing and emollient cream is needed, which you can apply both in the evening and in the morning, if required, before SPF.

Hand cream is essential. It would be good to use it whenever you wash your hands to avoid drying them. You will maintain a constant level of hydration of the skin of the hands, it being easier to prevent than to treat the moment it gets scorched.

As for body hydration, choose a product you like. You can opt for a repairing balm, which quickly penetrates the skin and does not leave a greasy film, or you can choose a thick cream or even a body butter. Remember to apply very well on the elbows and knees.

Of course, as I told you, you will also need a cream for the soles and heels. You can choose one with urea, which gently exfoliates and cares for the skin with each application.

So, take care of your skin in winter by applying creams designed for this season and your skin’s needs.

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