Which One to Pick? Bluetooth Headphones vs True Wireless Earbuds

Which One to Pick? Bluetooth Headphones vs True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earphones have revolutionized audio gear for once and all. Cutting the mess of cords and relying on Bluetooth to supply you with your favorite tunes is not only convenient but also fun. Thanks to the advancements in technology, bluetooth headphones offer lag-free connectivity and a seamless listening experience. These advancements have also paved a way for true wireless earbuds.

But which kind of audio tech is best for you?

Let’s find out the difference between Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds and help you decide which one should you buy.

Bluetooth headphones do not require a wire to connect to any audio source. They’re not called true wireless because they still have a wire running between the earpieces. Wireless headphones are available as on-ear/over-ear headphones and as earbuds. You can tell the difference because the two earpieces are actually connected.

True wireless earbuds are the ones that have no wore, what so ever. They connect to the audio source using Bluetooth (and sometimes 2.4GHz wireless), and each earpiece is physically independent. Each pair of truly wireless headphones has a primary and a secondary earpiece.

Below are a few things that will help you make a decision between the two:

1. Purpose & use

BoAt Earbuds

First & foremost, you need to ask yourself – how and where are you gonna use your earphones. Do you want something that you can carry around and use to listen on your way to the office or do you want something that helps you make disturbance-free calls? Do you want something that you can use while working out and sweating out at the gym or want something that you can use to enjoy online movies/videos or shows?

Once you have decided the purpose, it will be easier for you to make a decision. For example, true wireless earbuds’ fit might become a problem when you are jumping & moving around in a gym. Similarly, wireless headphones can be a little problem while used at work due to their size.

2. Portability

If you are a regular traveler, who depends on music to pass their time to work or college, then what’s the point of getting a pair of headphones that are too heavy to carry or too bulky to take out and use? (we all know how cramped metros get during peak hours). 

In such a scenario, you should go for true wireless earbuds as they are compact & portable.
They come with a carry cum charge case that acts as a source of power. When not in use, you can simply place your buds inside the case and they will be all charged up when you are on your way back. They are so small in size that you can easily carry them in your pocket.

On the contrary, Headphones take up a lot more place than earbuds or even your smartphone, while some headphones offer a little more portability than others by offering a folding option, this cannot be said about all the options. 

3. Sound Quality

Listening Music

People often feel that headphones generally offer better sound performance than earphones because they have more space to incorporate large drivers. Most good earphones have a driver between 8mm to 13mm while headphones have a lot more space and can easily accommodate large drivers. But thanks to technology, more and more Bluetooth earbuds are getting equipped with the right designs and units to deliver exceptional audio quality. 

4. Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation can be divided into two categories: Active Noise Cancellation & Passive Noise cancellation.

Passive cancellation happens when your earphones physically insulate your ears from the outside noise. Over-the ears headphones are quite effective in doing so. 

Active noise cancellation happens when your earphones send out opposite-frequency soundwaves to cancel out the ambient noises. Both Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds can have this technology embedded in these designs and you can benefit from them.

But the best noise cancellation happens when both types of noise cancellation come together.

The bottom line is that both Bluetooth headphones and true wireless earbuds offer unique benefits. You can choose or not choose one over the other as per your preferences.

5. Built

Last but not the least, the built quality of earphones also matters a lot. Bluetooth headphones are generally strongly built and don’t get damaged easily, while on the other hand, Bluetooth earbuds are more vulnerable to damage, given their small size. Some people might even believe in the opposite as the wire in Bluetooth earphones might also get damaged while true wireless earphones have no wires that can get damaged.

Bluetooth earbuds also get lost easily when compared to wireless earphones. Take the example of neckband style headphones, they are not only easy to use but the fact that they stay around your neck safely even when you are not using them makes them an easier choice for people who occasionally lose their stuff.

That being said, it actually depends on an individual’s preference, lifestyle, and usage. Both types of earphones cme with their own set of pros and cons. It is really up to you which one to go for.

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