Business Functions to be Focus by Every Entrepreneur

Business Functions to be Focus by Every Entrepreneur

A business plan is a roadmap that drives a business to success. At the same time, there are not so many entrepreneurs who write it themselves. How to draw up a business plan yourself, and what are its main components?    

One of the first steps in business planning is identifying the target market and the needs of potential customers. What problems does your product or service solve? Does the product meet customer needs? If you are not sure about the answers to these questions, take a step back and revise the business plan components.

Businesses typically face one major roadblock in carving out their niche in the marketplace: competing with larger competitors. However, any small business can compete with the big brands using several effective marketing strategies.

Business Functions to Be Focus On

Many business projects are launched around the world every day, but only a few are consolidated. Most fall behind intermediate projection phases or disappear after a certain time. What are the causes for this to happen? 

What factors tip the balance for some entrepreneurs to succeed in business and others not? Business success has been associated for years with the economic benefits derived from a particular business. 

And while it is true that it is a reliable and practical measure of a company’s performance, it is not the only aspect you should look at when it comes to positioning a brand. Many experts agree that the search for Profit is not the only way to aim for business success

More complex than it is believed, this term also encompasses issues related to the essence of the business and the attitude with which its managers face the challenges that may eventually arise.

The Concept of Processes

Investors pay special attention to the business plan, and therefore, its content largely depends on whether you receive funding for the project or not. “This is the most effective way to communicate about opportunities and turn them into capital,” explains Bob Pavey, partner at Morgenthaler Ventures. 

Interact with consumers

Direct interaction with consumers makes the buying and selling relationship more personal, allowing each client to feel their value and not just feel like a profit-making vehicle. Businesses have an easier time communicating with consumers than large industry competitors.

Passion for What is Done

It is the starting point of any project or business plan. If there is no passion, there will be no success. And how can passion be defined? Passion is, in this case, a mixture of elements such as pleasure, taste, personal satisfaction and the knowledge that what is done meets all expectations for the simple fact of doing it.


Passion and hard work will necessarily be the prelude to a product or service that stands out from the rest for its quality and excellence. It is not enough to imitate something that others have done, and the idea is to innovate and create interest.

Many processes in service companies can be conceptualized as a project since they have many characteristics of these, that is, the moments of truth occur only once, they have a start date and a conclusion date, they gather resources, they are made up of tasks, they have a person in charge and, above all, they must generate concrete results. 

These “projects” are implemented in the company through matrix structures; When these are formed, it is necessary to assign a person in charge who must fulfil the following functions.

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