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Saturday, February 27, 2021
Netflix Downloads for You

Netflix’s new feature: “Downloads for You,” automatically downloads

Netflix is combining a new mobile feature that will automatically download the show/episode recommendations and movies based on viewer history.
YouTube 1080p video is back

YouTube will now allow Android users to play videos in 1080p or Full HD

YouTube has rolled out 4K support for Android users. This means that now users can stream videos in 2160p...
Why you should not use free VPN

Why you should not use free VPN

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in more and more people spending time at home using the internet, working, learning, or entertainment. However,...
Telegram most installed app on play store

Telegram has become the most downloaded app on Google Play Store

Telegram gained popularity ever since WhatsApp has announced its new privacy policy; users have discovered peace in other messaging apps including Telegram...
FAU-G game on Android

FAU-G “Made In India” game is now available all over the world

FAU-G game a PUBG rival from India has gone global and is now ready for download worldwide. FAU-G developed...
Apple VS Facebook issue

Facebook planning to sue Apple over App Store rules – Reports

Facebook is preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit upon Apple for supposedly violating its power through new App Store rules.
TikTok Jobs Cut in India

TikTok to cut jobs in India after govt makes ban permanent

TikTok owner ByteDance, based out of China, is cutting the workforce at its Indian office following the Indian government notification that the...
PMP certification Course

How can PMP certification improve your career?

The PMP certification courses, also known as project management certification, are impartial proof of one's project management skills and abilities. As a...
Live Streaming Technology

How Is Live Streaming Tech Used in Everyday Life?

These days, we tend to take the technology that we use every day for granted. Many years ago, we wouldn’t have been...
Facebook removed Like Button

Facebook drops Like button from Public Pages, new Rediseged layout

Facebook has turned out the new layout for Facebook Pages. In the new design, the pages used by public figures, including artists,...

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