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Pinterest COO

Previous COO of Pinterest is suing for gender discrimination

The former COO of Pinterest is suing the company for gender discrimination. Françoise Brougher states she was paid less than her male...
Apple VS Facebook issue

Facebook planning to sue Apple over App Store rules – Reports

Facebook is preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit upon Apple for supposedly violating its power through new App Store rules.
YouTube Videos

Google Will soon Demonetize YouTube Videos That Deny Climate Change

Google Parent company of YouTube has stated that it will begin demonetizing videos on the platform that incorporates climate change denial and...
Cyber attacks

Four Rules to Follow to Avoid a Cyber Attacks

The digitization of business brings with it an increase in the number of cyberattacks that the self-employed may suffer. To avoid this...
SQL for Data Analysis

How to use SQL for Data Analysis in 2023

Data analysts can interact with data contained in relational databases with the robust programming language SQL for Data Analysis. Many businesses have...
Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft’s new Xbox app will allow streaming Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft is on to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that combines the expertise to stream Xbox One games to...
Money making apps

Online money making by using your Smartphone via Apps

On the off chance that you have a smartphone in your pocket, you approach applications that can place money into your pocket....
whatsapp and who messages

WhatsApp and WHO join hands to share coronavirus alert service

The World Health Organization has launched a WhatsApp Health Alert service to assist promote detailed information about the novel coronavirus and Covid-19,...
Google Meet Video Calls

Google Meet free version only lets users host meetings for 60 minutes

Google Meet has stated that the free version of the app will only allow users to host meetings for 60 minutes and...
Amazon Prime one month

Amazon Prime stops a one-month subscription plan, following RBI guidelines

Amazon Prime will not permit users to buy the one-month subscription plan of Rs 129. The OTT platform has paused the free...

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