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Zoom Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication available on Zoom Desktop and Mobile

Zoom is attaching support for two-factor authentication (2FA) to its mobile and desktop applications, providing users with the possibility of adding an...
Gaming Platforms

Gaming Platforms Thrive from Boosted Traffic and Sales Amid Lockdown

Global averages show that the typical gamer plays for more than six hours each week. Additional studies conducted after the COVID-19 pandemic,...
Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Transformation and Usage of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Technology has produced a significant change in this world and still causes differences in the lives of people. There are many developing...
Augmented Reality

Invest Opportunities in New Technologies – Virtual and Augmented Reality

Although it was in 1935 when, in "Pygmalion's glasses," Stanley Weinbaum explicitly described glasses that introduced the protagonist into a fictional world,...
Technologies That Will Amaze

5 Technologies That Will Amaze You in 2023

Technology has become an essential part of people's lives. For this reason, it does not stop evolving to optimize its procedures. According...
Netflix Downloads for You

Netflix’s new feature: “Downloads for You,” automatically downloads

Netflix is combining a new mobile feature that will automatically download the show/episode recommendations and movies based on viewer history.
Password manager

How to Use LastPass Password Manager

LastPass provides a secure vault to manage all your passwords. Even though the service has suffered from external attacks that have compromised...
pubg Miramar map update

PUBG MOBILE Miramar map update, version 0.18.0 update

PUBG Mobile recently published its latest content update version 0.18.0 that brought a host of new features, including renewed Miramar map update.
Video Editing softwares

Top Video Editing Softwares That Give Videos The Professional Finish

Whether you own a business, you are an independent social media influencer, or an aspiring one, creating premium video content is a...
Google Play

Should Google Play Allow Real-Money Gaming Apps?

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would start accepting real money gambling applications in fifteen countries, including the United States, from...

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