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Telegram Accounts

How Cybercriminals Hijack Telegram Accounts – Be Alert

Users of the Telegram instant messaging application are having their accounts hijacked. It all starts with a message from a known contact...
using metaverse

What are the Challenges Ahead For Companies Using Metaverse

It is expected that in the next five years, the metaverse will reach millions worldwide. This makes it an unbeatable showcase to...
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Programming Languages: Android and iOS

One of the most profitable markets for programmers is mobile app stores. Whether looking for work in other companies or becoming freelance...
Online mobile games

China Banned Online Games from Monday to Thursday For Kids

The Chinese government is banning children from playing online games from (Weekdays) Monday through Thursday, fearing children are becoming addicted to gaming.
Mitron App

Mitron App short videos entertaining social platform, Tik-Tok rival

Mitron App is the latest Indian TikTok rival that has quickly gained fame, becoming one of the most popular in the country...
YouTube COVID-19 vaccine

YouTube will delete videos with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccine

Misinformation of COVID-19 vaccine videos will be removed from YouTube. Videos about a vaccine that denies information from health authorities or the...
Twitter accounts hacked

Twitter disabled the ability to tweets after the popular accounts hacked

Twitter ultimately disabled the ability for several accounts to send new tweets following a massive hack on the social media website on...
Phishing Technique

New Undetectable Phishing Technique – Browser-in-the-Browser

Techniques for stealing confidential banking credentials and data by cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Generally, they tend to use the public's misinformation...
zoom video call app

Taiwan Govt says not to use Zoom for Video Calls, due to security concerns

Taiwan’s cabinet said the government agencies that if they want to hold a video conference, they "should not use products with security...
whatsapp and who messages

WhatsApp and WHO join hands to share coronavirus alert service

The World Health Organization has launched a WhatsApp Health Alert service to assist promote detailed information about the novel coronavirus and Covid-19,...

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