FAU-G “Made In India” game is now available all over the world

FAU-G “Made In India” game is now available all over the world

FAU-G game a PUBG rival from India has gone global and is now ready for download worldwide.

FAU-G developed by Bangalore-based nCore Games, FAU-G, started in India on January 26, 2021, on Republic Day.

The game was only issued for Android devices and can be downloaded through Google Play Store. Driving up to the launch, there was no word on the iOS version of the game or global availability.

However, the developer has now stated that the game is available worldwide. “FAU-G goes global No 1 Free game FAU-G, made in India, is now available worldwide,” the tweet read.

The game was declared in India days after the government banned PUBG. It received multiple responses on launch and has been the best free game on the Google Play Store.

FAU-G allows a single-person campaign mode, based on the feud between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Galwan Valley. The game traces an Indian soldier’s journey who is separated from his team and is searching for them.

“Join a special unit of FAU-G commandos on patrol in dangerous border territory. Come face-to-face with India’sIndia’s opponents as you fight with hostile invaders on Indian soil. Fight for survival on the unforgiving terrain and the ruthless enemy,” reads the game description.

Actor Akshay Kumar initially announced the game in September 2020, post-PUB-G ban.

Before launch, FAU-G was promoted as a ”Made in India’India’ alternative to games released by Tencent, Activision, etc. However, it is still to release a battle royale mode which made PUBG and popular mobile game Call of Duty game.

Lately, the FAU-G ratings have gone down to 3.2 stars after negative reviews from PUBG players and other unliked responses from users.

Some mobile phone gamers have written reviews to the Google Play Store to complain that the new game is not at a level with PUBG.

Some users even looked out that while the game graphics are yet fine, the mechanics require a lot of development.

Presently, the game is possible in only one campaign mode and doesn’t enable users to do much with the character apart from moving in a straight line and beating enemies.

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