Best Casio Oceanus watches

Casio has been in this industry for as long as we could remember. And for all of those years, they have already established a name for themselves. Not just because they have been creating some of the best watches known to man, another reason is that they offer a fair price range for those said watches. No matter how many features they embed it with.

However, there is a specific Casio series that you should look out for. That is because, on this set of watches, you will find some of the most elegant looking and unique pieces. So, if you wanted to buy something extraordinary for a fair price, then you should consider sticking around because the Oceanus series is sure to make you want to purchase more.

Casio Oceanus Men’s Sport Watch OCW-G1200B-1AJF

Of course, since this is the start of the list, it is already a tradition to start with the most expensive one. But no need to worry, even if it states that it is the most expensive one, the Casio Oceanus Men’s Sport Watch with a model number of OCW-G1200B-1AJF is still priced the way that you wanted it to be. A fair price worthy of all the features in it.

If you have already seen how beautifully made it is on the outside, it is time for you to know some of the best features that are embedded in this masterpiece. The first most notable one is that the bezel, casing, and strap of this piece is made out of pure ceramic material and a dual curve Sapphire crystal that keeps it safe from any scratches at all.

Casio Oceanus Men’s Sport Watch OCW-G1200D-1AJF

The next piece that you should keep an eye out for is the Casio Oceanus Men’s Sport Watch with a model number OCW-G1200D-1AJF. Be sure to look for this specific piece based on their model numbers because they have the same name but a different design and features to complete the making of this masterpiece right here.

One of the best features that this piece has is that it has a GPS hybrid solar reception which makes this piece capable of something other than just telling the time. It also has three sub-dials that allow you to set the time from two different cities. But the feature that makes this stand out among the crowd is the color combination of blue and gold. 

Casio Oceanus Manta Men’s Sport Watch OCW-S3400B-1AJF

Now, proceeding with the third piece that will present will present to you is the Casio Oceanus Manta Men’s Sport Watch with a model number OCW-S3400B-1AJF. This is a beautifully designed timepiece that would be a perfect addition to your collection, or if you are starting to collect, this will be an ideal starter watch. So, better not miss to check this out.

It has a color combination of blue and silver that would make this piece flexible for the outfit you prefer to wear for that specific event or occasion. It also has three subdials that are fitted perfectly inside its dials. But the best thing about this is that it is made with a sapphire crystal that also ensures this watch’s safety from scratches.

Casio Oceanus Classic Line Smart Access Men’s Watch OCW-T2610F-2AJF

Finally, the piece that would make up for its series name is the Casio Oceanus Classic Line Smart Access Men’s Watch with a model number OCW-T2610F-2AJF. The reason that makes this a timepiece worthy of its name is because it has a color combination of light blue and silver. With that, you can say that this watch represents the ocean.

But that is not the only thing that makes this piece extravagant. It is also made with a silver titanium band and case that brings out this piece’s inner aesthetic. It also has luminous hands and luminous dials that also boost the beauty of this specific watch. This is a simple-looking timepiece that you would no doubt make into your top 5 choices.


Those are the four most striking and elegant Casio watches under the Oceanus series. There indeed are more, but these four have been deemed as the best of them all, so if you are in a loop in choosing the one out of the mountain of choices, now you only have to choose between four brilliant pieces. Have fun, and be sure to be back for more!


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