WhatsApp new features for iOS: Larger previews and disappearing messages

WhatsApp new features for iOS: Larger previews and disappearing messages

WhatsApp has rolled out two main features for iPhone users. With the newest update, iOS users will view more extensive media previews and accept more authority over the disappearing messages feature in WhatsApp groups.

Several days ago, the features had emerged in the beta version of the app, but now WhatsApp has formally released them for iOS users.

Android users might notice the features shortly, but there is no update on the very.

With the 2.21.71 update, WhatsApp has composed it easier for iOS users to see more extensive media. Meaning, you pleasure no extended have to observe the whole picture or a video by clicking on them.

The image or video you get or share on Whatsapp will not look inside a small square box; you can observe the media in its original size. This feature is only particular to iOS users for now.

Added feature that has been rolled out to iOS users is the capability to admit the settings of disappearing messages in a group.

Earlier, only the group admin could change the settings of disappearing messages, whether to set it off or not. Still, now each member of the group can modify the disappearing messages settings. Yet, there is a trap.

The authority yet rests with the group admin whether he desires the participants to adjust the settings in the group.

The group admin can modify the settings to provide only the admins to change the disappearing messages settings.

The admins can perform the settings by adjusting the “Edit Group Info”. So until the group admin enables you to perform changes to the group’s settings, you cannot do so. WhatsApp has presented both benefits to the users, but the group admin is yet the judgment-maker.

WhatsApp had started the disappearing messages feature last year. For the ignorant, the messages live in the chatbox for a particular period and pass after seven days. However, you want to turn the settings on to utilize the feature initially.

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