Google Pixel smartphones parts may soon be manufactured in India

Google Pixel smartphones parts may soon be manufactured in India

Google Pixel is the most worthy smartphone in the US, in recognition of the excellent photography facilities.

But that is not something you can tell when it gets to India. The footprint of Google’s Pixel smartphones has been modest, but the software giant sees to improve that.

A report by Economic Times stated Google is examining opportunities to produce a part of the Pixel manufacturing to India where India’s claims will be marketed locally and shipped to other markets.

The software giant is also working to “double down” on its Pixel plan for India, covering importing a large number of Pixel 5a units. This approach is likely to ensure the upcoming Pixel phone does not run out of stock when launched.

Since the start, Google has been shipping Pixel phones while most of its competitors, including Apple, have started manufacturing their phones in India.

This year, Google may eventually start manufacturing the Pixel phone in India. Details about Google’s India manufacturing projects are rare right now, but the ‘a’ variants of Pixel phones will likely experience manufacturing in India first.

Moreover, this year’s list for the Google Pixel is performing to be much larger.

“Google increased inventory for Pixel for India last year, and this year the plan is to improve the focus further and get [a] larger share from the global list for the India market,” a senior company executive was cited as stating in the report.

Google is supposed to launch the Pixel 5a, the replacement to the Pixel 4a, sometime in June, but there is no accurate data available. And interestingly, there is no information on whether this year’s Pixel 6 will proceed to India or share the fate of Pixel 5.

The purpose of low-cost handsets, such as Pixel 4a and presently the Pixel 5a, will be more successful than Pixel 5’s like affordability.

Even though the Pixel 4a was not for as much reason, it was reasonably available for an obtainable price. Still, because the opponent from OnePlus, Samsung, Realme, and Xiaomi was so strong, the Pixel 4a had to get a case for itself.

The Pixel 4a produced the very magic sauce that high-end Pixel phones display, the cameras. And Google relied principally on the Pixel 4a cameras to drive the sales.

But now Google is supposed to be having an eye on the pricing strategy of Apple and OnePlus in India, particularly in the Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 segment, which is where the Pixel 4a was marketing. “Pricing is a learning curve. The fight is on…we came up with aggressive Pricing for Pixel 4a, which gave great results.”

The Pixel 5 and the 5G variant of the Pixel 4a were not launched in India, and according to the company executive, that was because India was not fit for these phones.

He said 5G services are still to come the market, and 5G chipsets from Qualcomm, which Google utilizes in Pixel phones, are costly, which would have raised the phones’ overall cost.

“Why do we require a costly phone when Indians can’t use 5G. Because of hardware cost, 5G modifications weren’t launched in India,” the executive was cited as saying. Google also needs to execute the Pixel phone available beyond more price points in India. And for that, it is continuing to play the brand value in the market. “Pixel awareness is in the market now,” he stated.

Google already has a significant presence in India’s smart speaker market, just following Amazon thanks to the prolific Echo range.

The selling of Pixel phones, however, has been bothered by a lousy distribution that, when fixed, will stimulate more sales than ever for the Pixel phones.

Google’s Pixel mobiles are known to many consumers, but because of poor marketing, lack of competitive Pricing, and abnormal distribution, the sales have not been perfect.

However, according to Counterpoint Research data, Google noticed an uptick in year-over-year sales in 2020, with 36 percent more pieces sold.

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