GPT Chat vs. Chatbots: How Are They Similar, and How Are They Different?

GPT Chat vs. Chatbots: How Are They Similar, and How Are They Different?

Have you heard of chatbots? And what about the GPT Chat? Do you know what they consist of and what each one is for? In this article, we are going to unravel what both consist of.

Two tools resulting from artificial intelligence

Both chatbots and ChatGPT are programs based on artificial intelligence. This element is gaining great importance, which will be decisive in the new generation of websites. Chatbots have existed since the sixties: the first chatbot was called ELIZA; it was created in that decade and generated information previously incorporated into its database.

What is the chatbot?

It is a software application that provides answers to the questionnaire. We have already seen that it was not invented precisely yesterday. However, artificial intelligence has nothing to do with that of sixty years ago. Currently, they are used in numerous customer service platforms, whether institutions or companies (banks, online stores, etc.). 

Therefore, Its function is to improve customer service, one of the great challenges of digital marketing. These bots are also being implemented in the educational field (tutorials, student support, motivation, auditing their progress, etc.) and in the medical field (including online psychological consultations).

The chatbot incorporates a series of potential answers based on the most frequent questions a user may ask, and its degree of sophistication will depend on the use. For example, we do not need the same for a psychological consultation as to process an online order.


It is, in essence, a chatbot, but on a large scale. Suppose any conversational bot has a pre-programmed series of responses. In that case, GPT Chat provides practically any information we can find online. 

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is developed by Open AI, an artificial intelligence research company. To create it, it has been trained with countless data taken from the network. Therefore, the main difference between a chatbot and Chat GPT is that the latter has much more information than any other chatbot.

The second difference is that Chat GPT can even “write” us an essay or an article taking the data that has been introduced.

In addition, you can converse with him in many languages, not just in English. Among those languages ​​is Spanish.

Controversies around GPT Chat

There has been talk that GPT Chat could replace many professionals. However, there are too many drawbacks today:

  • The information you give may be false. In fact, it happens often: GPT Chat feeds on countless web pages but ignores the plausibility of what is on it.
  • It assumes that you understand your interlocutor. If a human asks a question when they don’t understand, Chat GPT assumes that they understood you and responds.
  • It often incorporates syntactically well-constructed sentences but is incoherent.
  • It tends to use unnecessarily long constructions, which leads to confusion.
  • His answers may contain biases (sexist, xenophobic, etc.) and, therefore, potentially harm the human conversing with him. This is impossible to filter since it also takes information from social networks, where users can behave like this.

In summary, chatbots incorporated in companies can solve some doubts, although they have many limitations. The same happens with Chat GPT, which can be a good tool for home use, but always monitoring and checking all the data. In no case do experts recommend using it in jobs of particular importance since it can cause serious reputational damage?

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