What is Bard: Google Chat Competing with ChatGPT Based on AI

What is Bard: Google Chat Competing with ChatGPT Based on AI

The solution has the same smart chatbot functionality and is in the testing phase. The company expects it to be available to everyone in a few weeks.

Google has announced the launch of Bard, its new intelligent chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The technology aims to compete against Microsoft in the artificial intelligence business. “Bard’s goal is to combine the world’s knowledge base with the power, intelligence and creativity of our great language models. Bard takes information from the internet and uses it to provide high-quality and current answers,” said the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, in a statement.

Unlike ChatGPT, which has been available to all Internet users for about two months, Bard is in the testing phase, so it can only be used by “trusted testers” now. The Alphabet-owned company hopes anyone can try the solution in the coming weeks.

As the leaks shared a few days ago pointed out, the software has been developed using the LaMDA conversational AI, the same one that Google has been working with for years. This was precisely the tool that Blake Lemoyne, a former company engineer, stated he had become aware of and sensitive to last summer. Which caused the worker to be fired.

What is Bard for?

According to Pichai, Bard can be used, among other things, “to explain to a 9-year-old boy the latest discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope, or to learn about the best goalscorers on today’s soccer scene and then create training routines that help you improve your skills.

What is Google’s goal with the launch of Bard?

Obviously, Google’s goal in the short term is to use Bard, as well as the rest of the AI ​​developments it is carrying out, to improve its services and products. Especially your search engine, which represents your primary source of income. Thanks to the inclusion of this new solution in the Google search engine, the Internet user experience can be much more comfortable for the Internet user. You can also acquire much deeper and more concrete knowledge.

“When one thinks of Google Search, the first thing I would say is that it is useful for providing objective data. For example, if we ask, “How many keys does a piano have?” But increasingly, people are turning to Google for more profound insight. Things like “Which is more accessible, learning to play the piano or the guitar? And how much practice does each of these instruments require? “, Says the head of Google.

Pichai settles the issue by noting that “AI can be very useful to synthesize ideas and help answer questions that do not have a single correct answer.”

Google has not only recognized that soon, but users will also be able to start using its AI through the search engine, which is currently used by more than 90% of Internet users globally. It has also shown how it will work when it becomes available.

For example, if the user asks a question such as “Is it easier to learn to play the piano than the guitar?”,

The solution will show you a response typed first as ChatGPT. Below you will find several Internet pages where you can delve deeper into the matter.

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