How to Design a Good Brochure For Your Brand?

How to Design a Good Brochure For Your Brand?

Throughout our lives, we have all been recipients of some mailing action. From brochures of the corner supermarket to flyers of restaurants at home, passing through those of those who offer their services of plumbing, painting, reforms, and other professions related to the house. 

The importance of the appearance of these brochures is key to making the difference between one that we will stay with and one that we will not pay attention to.

We must never forget that the user who decides to keep it will do so because it is helpful to them, either because it includes a discount or promotion because it introduces a new company or because its original design makes them want to keep it.

In addition, each target has different characteristics that, if we combine these guidelines, will make your brochure a successful element of the advertising campaign.

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Do not forget that this is sent because the target has specific information. Make sure your details appear clearly in the brochure but remember that it should not be the highlight. 

The bottom of the flyer can be a good place for advertiser data. Don’t forget to clarify your offer, and don’t go too far. Being direct is the key.

This information is linked to the design. It must also be clear and concise. Remember that the purpose is to promote one ad, not several. Don’t fill your brochures with ten different things when what you want to be remembered is only one. 

Be creative and shape your designs. For example, advertising a supermarket is not the same as promoting a home cleaning service. 

Play with shapes and create flyers that help remind you what your business is about. It is possible that for some actions, such as coming,  you must make a specific design.

Another critical factor that is not usually taken into account is the material. 

Using specific textures for the paper is not the same as others. And testing is essential. Your corporate colors may not stand out well depending on what type of paper you choose.

Finally, we must take into account the way of distribution. When setting up mailing campaigns, it is crucial to segment the public so that they have results.

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