Keys to Pick Your Accommodation on a Business Trip

Keys to Pick Your Accommodation on a Business Trip

When planning a trip, accommodation is one of the elements that entails the most headaches; however, taking into account some key points will make this task entertaining.

To do this, we must bear in mind that, generally, what business travelers pay the most attention to when booking a hotel is cleanliness, location, value for money, sleeping comfort, the breakfast offer, and the technical team. All this is in the order shown.

Although all these aspects are undoubtedly factors that trigger the final choice, in recent years, an almost essential element has become especially important: adequate teleworking facilities. And it is that hotels have become stimulating spaces to work. 

In addition, business travelers take advantage of the flexibility offered by these spaces to make a getaway, thus activating the Workation, an increasingly upward trend and possible thanks to the option to work provided by many accommodations.

To do this, BizAway brings us the elements to consider when choosing destinations to obtain a successful itinerary to optimize time wherever you go.

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to define the objective of the corporate trip since it conditions all aspects of the trip. Once the reason for the transfer has been determined, the experts highlight 4 key elements that you must take into account when choosing accommodation during the business trip:

Location is a crucial aspect: The choice of accommodation is probably the star element of the business trip and at the same time the one that will guarantee its success or failure. And not only if you rest well or not. 

Choosing it correctly will allow us to save time during the stay to get the most out of it. Without a doubt, what will mark the perfect location of an accommodation when traveling on business is its proximity to fairs, congresses, the city center, or even the congress palace. 

This aspect, experts say, is of particular importance since, generally, where these emblematic points of the city are located is where, in turn, all the economic and financial activity of the place takes place. 

Staying in the core of the central action of the city you go to is essential to be close to the contacts or potential relationships for which we have come. 

In addition, being in the central point of a city is the perfect option to generate networking and even have multiple options to eat, creating extraordinary meetings since the distances are usually short and fast in the middle of any urban axis.

Space facilities: Another element to consider when choosing the hotel to stay in is the infrastructure of the accommodation. The common goal of any business trip is to work, so it is essential to have the facilities that facilitate this activity. 

For this reason, business travelers should look at the spaces they provide inside when choosing a hotel. Meeting rooms with sufficient capacity, specific areas for business meetings, having an internet access point (as well as its quality), and even a copy service in the hotel to meet any need of the attendees are all aspects to be assessed to guarantee a small workspace that is comfortable and practical even when away from the usual place.

Having exclusive areas on the hotel grounds where you can work is the perfect option to fulfill all your work responsibilities from a distance without giving up the pleasure of discovering all the corners of the destination in which you find yourself.

Internal transfer: Sometimes, during a trip, it is used to visit more than one client, having an obligation to travel to multiple points during the stay. 

For this reason, it is essential to take into account the fast and flexible connectivity that exists from the hotel and be aware that travel will become an additional cost and time to take into account during the stay.

Complementary services: Multiple hotel chains or accommodation companies offer special agreements for business travelers; this is undoubtedly a factor to consider when planning a trip. 

In addition, sometimes complementary services are included that allow you to obtain a comprehensive experience when it comes to corporate travel. Additional benefits include:

  • Private parking.
  • Menus adapted to users’ time needs.
  • Even price deductions for companies.

All these elements make traveling more accessible and pleasant with responsibilities to attend to.

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