How to Expand the Life of Electronic Devices

How to Expand the Life of Electronic Devices

At the beginning of each year, it is a tradition to eagerly release the gifts received at Christmas. According to Celside’s 2021 Christmas Consumption study, it seems that we have released many technological devices since these have been the third option in terms of preferred gifts (40%), only preceded by clothing and accessories (77%) and cosmetics (42%).

These data are not surprising since the use of technology is continuously increasing as the years go by, especially since 2020, the year in which, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to connect to the Internet has grown. 

In fact, in 2020, the number of Internet users in Spain increased by almost 4%, achieving a share of 93% of Spaniards who have Internet at home, according to the technology and society report presented by

Thanks to the new consumer regulations in Spain, electronic devices have a full three-year guarantee, although, in reality, their useful life is usually longer if we use them correctly. Therefore, ANOVO recommends users correct maintenance to preserve its good condition.

5 Tips to Avoid Damaging New Devices

Charge the Battery Properly

To optimize battery performance, always use original cables and chargers from the device manufacturer must always use original cables and chargers for the device manufacturer. 

Also, must charge the battery before using the device for the first time or if it has not been used for a long time. 

It is also important to avoid extreme temperatures and that the battery is completely discharged and, if you are going to do without its use for a while, it is best to store it off and with a half charge.

Protect Equipment

In addition to externally protecting devices with covers and protectors. To do this, in addition to installing an antivirus on the computers where possible, it is important to keep both the operating system and applications up to date. 

Clean the Device

For the physical cleaning of the equipment, it is recommended to use antistatic towels with isopropyl alcohol and clean the screens, the sides of the equipment, the lid and the base, and the keyboard, if any. Should always do it with the device turned off and avoid the use of water, as it could damage them.

Avoid Overheating and Establish Correct Ventilation 

It is recommended to keep the equipment on smooth surfaces to allow a correct circulation of ventilation, so should avoid surfaces such as the bed or sofa should avoid surfaces such as the bed or sofa and places where it can overheat or direct sunlight hits.

Please Consult the Manufacturer’s Warranty Manual 

It is important to always keep in mind the warranty conditions to avoid losing it due to improper use. And, in case of failure, go to an official technical service.

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