How to Secretly Spy on WhatsApp to Know What Teens Do on Messenger

How to Secretly Spy on WhatsApp to Know What Teens Do on Messenger

Are you concerned about WhatsApp messages of your teens? What if you could read their chats without accessing their phones? There is spy software for WhatsApp that enables parents to keep an eye on instant messages of their children without them knowing. There is no need to repeatedly access and check out mobile phone of teens to read their messages. The app automatically provides parents with online chats of their children by uploading the WhatsApp messages to a web portal. This article discusses how WhatsApp tracking app enables parents to check out online chats of their teenagers.

An Introduction of WhatsApp Messenger

There are innumerable instant messaging applications rightly available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Of these communication apps, the WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular and efficient apps for messaging. The popularity of the instant messenger is owing to user-friendly and high-tech features of the app. It enables the user to exchange, text, stickers, emoticons, photos, videos, voice recordings, GPS location, documents and contacts. In addition to it, the app allows making voice and video calls to groups and individuals without paying anything. The app delivers services without charging even a penny.

The instant messaging app uses the internet to enable the user to communicate through messaging and calling. It is very easy to create an account on WhatsApp. After downloading and installing the instant messenger from the Google Play Store, the user can start the communication app by providing a valid mobile phone number. It is optional to provide your original name, profile photo and status. After that the instant messenger syncs your contact list and allows chatting with the contacts that are already using the WhatsApp.

Spy Software for WhatsApp Messenger

The communication app enables the user to chitchat with online buddies in numerous ways. However, the unsupervised and irresponsible use of the instant messenger can cause more harm than good. The younger WhatsApp users are likely to become victim of cyberbullying, scam and predation. The popularity of the messenger has attracted harassers, pedophiles and child predators to use the app to access and con teenagers.

Parents can protect their children from the potential dangers of the instant messenger by supervising their digital behavior. By monitoring the WhatsApp usage of kids, parents can safeguard them from the most common online crimes. By using the WhatsApp tracking app, parents can keep an eye on instant messages of children to prevent them from wrongdoings. The app enables them to check out all messages without accessing the phone.

Read WhatsApp Messages

Do you know what messages your kids send and receive? The WhatsApp tracker app lets you read online chats of your children without accessing their phones. It accesses incoming and outgoing instant messages saved on the phone and uploads to the web portal of the tracking app. This online portal can be logged into any internet-enabled mobile phone or computer device. The app allows retrieving messages that have been deleted from the target phone. It enables parents to detect bullying messages and conversations giving any hint of wrongdoing.

Listen to WhatsApp Calls

What if your teenager receives video calls from a predator? The WhatsApp monitoring app lets you know from whom your kid receives and makes calls. The app accesses WhatsApp call logs to provide detail of all incoming and outgoing calls of children. It lets parents know if their kids receive calls from a specific number at odd times.

Retrieve Deleted Photos & Videos

By using the spy app for instant messenger, parents can watch out photos and videos exchanged by their kids with online fellows. The app uploads WhatsApp photos and videos to the confidential web portal.

WhatsApp Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the cell phone tracker app records all WhatsApp activities of kids. It lets parents know what their kids communicate and with whom. It also lets them see their kid’s status updates and contact list.

How to Get WhatsApp Spy App

The WhatsApp tracking app can be subscribed and downloaded from the website of TheOneSpy. The subscription of app costs around $65 per month. The annual subscription enables the subscriber to avail the spy software at a discounted rate.

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