Instagram Lite app is launched, works on a 2G network as well

Instagram Lite app is launched, works on a 2G network as well

Facebook has launched Instagram lite in 170 countries, particularly for people with space memory concerns.

The app is intended to operate on a 2G network as well. The company had started the app in India back in December, and now it has been extended to 170 other countries.

The Instagram Lite app has been improved in Tel Aviv in collaboration with a New York-based Facebook team.

The Instagram Lite is a trimmed-down variant of the main Instagram app. It utilizes less space in your mobile and runs fine in areas where internet connectivity is a problem.

Meaning can further use it in states where there is only a 2G network. The Instagram Lite app uses 2MB of space on the phone.

So for mobiles with only 16 GB memory, the Instagram Lite could free up some space. The principal Instagram app, on the other, occupies almost 30MB of your phone’s space.

“Our teams develop these lightweight versions of our apps for users with low connectivity or insufficient data plans because our basic proposition is to leave no one behind,” adds Tzach Hadar, Director of Product Management at Facebook Tel Aviv, one of the most considerable strategic engineering hubs for Facebook globally. “We needed the Instagram experience to live fast, high-quality, and reliable, irrespective of the device, platform, and network people are on.”

The lite app would also enable users to edit, share and see pictures. Users will be capable of adding stickers, upload IGTV videos, view stories, and more in the watered-down version of the principal Instagram app.

However, some of the essential features of the main app will be missing from the Lite app. The Instagram Lite app is also getting specific language support.

“To keep performance good, the team shifted much of the ornate, data-rich animation, such as cube transitions and the AR filters people can utilize to faces. However, they kept features that could give joy with less data, like GIFs and stickers. They also got rid of several icons that do not make sense to new digital users. For example, a trash can icon did not resonate as a symbol for obtaining rid of something, but an “X” rang clear,” the Instagram blog read.

Previously launched the app in India so Insta users can update the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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