Interesting Google Games You May Not Have Tried

Interesting Google Games You May Not Have Tried

In addition to offering employment platforms, social networks, databases and global connection, the Internet is a varied space for entertainment and leisure.

Therefore, regarding Google’s 25th birthday, we decided to bring a list of five hidden google games that the most used search engine on the Internet offers its users so that they can be distracted and have fun.

1. Dinosaur Game

It is the best known of all, as it appears on the search engine’s main page and the Google Chrome browser every time there is no internet connection and is activated with the space key. It is a classic platform game in which the user plays as a tyrannosaurus rex who must avoid cacti and pterodactyls to survive.

Some independent platforms created versions of the video game that can be accessed without disconnecting from the Internet, such as

2. Doodle Pac-Man

If you search for ‘ Doodle Pac-Man ‘, you can play the arcade classic of the yellow character and the ghosts on a track that surrounds the Google logo.

This ‘Doodle’, as Google’s variations on its name are known for special events, was created by Marcin Wichary on May 21, 2010, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

3. Solitaire

By searching for the word ‘ Solitaire ‘or ‘ Solitaire ‘, you can play the classic card game against Google, with special cards designed by the company’s illustrators. You can choose between two difficulties: easy and difficult.

4. Fly Around the World – Flight Simulator

This is the most complex to play and install on the entire list and the best developed.

First, users must install the Google Earth application on their computers. After that, they must activate the ‘ enter flight simulation ‘ option in ‘tools’, and that’s it; the application includes an air navigation simulator that will take off from the nearest airport. It can be controlled with a joystick or with the keys on the keyboard.

5. Snake

Another classic with its version created by Google is ‘Snake’, the game about a snake that grows by eating apples and must avoid biting itself.

The Google version has a blue snake and original graphics. To get to it, search for ‘ Snake Game ‘or ‘ Snake Game ‘, which will open in the results window.

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