Kiran Dembla Wiki, Age, Lifestyle – Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Kiran Dembla Wiki, Age, Lifestyle – Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Kiran Dembla age is 51 she is a celebrity fitness trainer and has represented India at the World Bodybuilding Championship – 2013 and secured the sixth rank.

She has trained famous people like Upasana Kamineni, Tamannaah Bhatia, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Surya, Rajamouli, Jayapradha, and Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan. Kiran Demba, a Bodybuilder mother to two kids and her husband, was working with a multinational company in the Hyderabad.

Kiran Dembla’s husband Ajit said about Kiran- “However, bodybuilding was not what Kiran dreamt while growing up in Agra. She was a classical singer spellbound in the world of surs. When four-year-olds were busy playing with their dolls, she gave her first stage show”. In ’97, when she got married to Ajit Dembla and moved to Mumbai, a new life unfolded.

Recently Kiran Dembla posted a video on Instagram in that video she is crying Caption “I don’t usually post something this emotional on Social Media. But this one especially has been a very emotional moment close to my heart…This was the day when I saw myself in the camera after going through hard times while I was recently making my body again at the age of 45. Tears rolled down as I reminded the times on my mind when I had to do lots of travelling, Djing my students training, home, kids, etc. and there were times when I was unable to maintain a proper diet lack of sleep, but still I thrived hard to eat clean and stay fit and reach the place where I am today.

I am truly grateful for everything, PS-Apna Sapne pure Karne Ke Liya har maa ko panga Lena Chahiya.

Kiran Dembla also a musician, she studied music for 23 years, she’s also a DJ, a mountaineer, and a motivational speaker. Kiran Dembla is married, and she has two children’s, she woke up at 4 A.M and started a workout.

Kiran Dembla was born and brought up in Agra, but when she got married and had two children, she, along with her family, shifted to Hyderabad in 2006. “Hyderabad is my lucky star; I built my career here, and the city has given me so much,” says Kiran.

From being a ‘simple homemaker,’ she joined swimming and then gym classes to indulge in some activity and shed some weight, as she weighed 75 kg. Being overweight took a toll on her movement and health. “It was during this time — when I started my workout activities — that I started liking my body even more and bodybuilding simultaneously grew on me,” Kiran Dembla said.

As nothing comes simple, Kiran Dembla struggled hard, even took a seven-month fitness course, and worked rigorously for another seven months to build her body. Later, the Indian Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) allowed her to compete in the competition.

“Honestly, it wasn’t simply because there was criticism coming from every place; though my family was supportive, my mother, in the beginning, was hesitant,” shares Kiran Dembla. The next thing that got her attention was music — she wanted to become a DJ, and so she took up another seven-month course. “Music has always been in my blood; my mother, sister, everybody sings well too. This is like another extension of my love for music.”

Kiran Dembla received the ‘Best DJ of 2017’ by Telangana Chamber Event Industry (TCEI). Her most recent interest is being a mountaineer, and she will soon be going to Sikkim for some trekking. Kiran Dembla DJ known by the name DJ Belle.

She is now so well known that even the commissioner of Hyderabad police requests her to train police employees. “Being fit makes one more positive and fearless. Now, I feel so powerful that even if I am alone at night on the road with 10 men, I wouldn’t feel intimidated.”

To celebrate her 45th birthday, fitness trainer Kiran Dembla challenged herself to get six-pack abs and mark it with a photoshoot. Kiran Dembla was one of the many difficulties that she keeps setting for herself; others include entering a professional bodybuilding contest.

Present Kiran Dembla hasn’t attended a single bodybuilding championship in India, and this, she says, is because no one in India seems at bodybuilding as a sport, especially when it’s a woman.

“Bodybuilding championships need women to wear a bikini, and since I judge competitions here, I know exactly where people’s eyes shift when they see a woman in a bikini. Wherever I have been outside India, people enjoy it as a sport, and bikini is not the issue,” Kiran Dembla says.

“A healthy person is the wealthiest, so serve a good diet and workout daily. Also, meditate at least for half-an-hour every day,” is what she has to say for one’s well-being. She wishes to continue exploring herself even more. Something like the road not taken does not exist in Kiran Dembla’s life — if she sees a new path, she is up for the adventure.

While Kiran Dembla stands tall and strong, she is a living testimony to why it’s not mandatory for anyone to quit having a life of their own even after marriage. Her story so far is a good tale — telling us never to give up and to go for what our hearts desire.

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