Memorial feature on Instagram will ‘Remember’ users who died due to COVID-19

Memorial feature on Instagram will ‘Remember’ users who died due to COVID-19

Memorial feature: Instagram has been operating on a new memorialized feature for accounts of those users who surrendered their lives to the new coronavirus outbreak in the world.

Carrying the “Remembering” banner under the account holder’s account name, this progress by Instagram would assist in acknowledging the account of those who lost their lives to the highly contagious disease.

This memorialized feature was first recognized by Jane Manchun Wong, who experimented with it on her account. She also shared a screenshot of her pwn account once the memorialized feature was activated. She also noticed that the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has also attached the “Remembering ” banner.

While the memorialized feature has been on the app for quite some time presently, the “Remembering” banner just below the user’s Instagram profile picture has been newly added in the wake of the pandemic outbreak.

To receive a deceased person’s Instagram profile deactivated or memorialized, a friend or a family can report the account to the company. If you’re an essential family member of that person, you can request the account be removed from Instagram. You require to fill this form to delete the account from Instagram.

Once an account is memorialized, Instagram, Won’t allow anyone to log into a memorialized account.

The profile of a memorialized account doesn’t look different from an account that hasn’t been memorialized.

(However, with the most advanced development, it will show a “Remembering” banner below the person’s profile picture)

Posts the dead person shared, including photos and videos, stay on Instagram and are apparent to the audience they were divided with.

Memorialized accounts don’t appear in public spaces, like people’s Explore section of the app. Furthermore, no one will be capable of making changes to any of the account’s existing posts or information.

As reported by BuzzFeed News, Instagram is rushing to roll out a memorial account feature because of COVID-19 deaths. In the report, Instagram acknowledged that they have advanced up the development to ‘help support the community through a difficult time.’ However, the company has not officially announced the launch of the feature yet.

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