Now iOS users can share Twitter tweets on Instagram Stories

Now iOS users can share Twitter tweets on Instagram Stories

Twitter’s iOS app has continued to updated to permit anyone to quickly and efficiently share tweets to their Instagram Story, Twitter has announced.

The feature serves using the iOS share sheet: tap the share icon underneath any tweet and choose “Instagram Stories” from the list of apps.

Once on Instagram, the tweet can be resized, repositioned, and decorated with the image service’s regular variety of text, stickers, music, and annotations.

Of course, you’ve perpetually had the advantage of screenshotting tweets and manually uploading them into an Instagram Story. But the new interface presents the method a lot more comfortable, and the results are slicker.

However, it appears to work fine with text- and image-based tweets for now — The feature out on a tweet with an embedded video, and obtained Instagram imported it as a static image.

While it’s now more comfortable to share tweets to Instagram, it’s yet just as hard to share Instagram content to Twitter.

Posting an Instagram link on Twitter yet displays up as just an open URL without a preview card. Unfortunately, the functionality disappeared way back in 2012 and confers no sign of reversing anytime soon.

Before starting Instagram and posting the tweet, Twitter will request your consent. Once given, it will post the tweet as a card with smoothly bent corners on Instagram Stories.

However, users cannot open the tweet from the Story and head to Twitter to obtain it, obtained reverse engineering blogger Jane Manchun Wong.

Twitter’s official combination with Instagram Stories follows comparable functionality attached to Snapchat last year. Like the Snapchat integration.

Twitter is only gaining the new sharing feature available to iOS users now, and it hasn’t specified when it might be possible on Android.

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