Online Classes: Best Online Learning Platforms in 2021

Online Classes: Best Online Learning Platforms in 2021

Online learning is more relevant today than ever. Almost any knowledge can be monetized: from programming to drawing up a personal diet.

Online learning used to be considered somewhat inferior, but the quality of online courses has changed significantly since then. And now, in addition to traditional universities adding online courses to their offerings, a variety of online platforms are offering different approaches to a new learning style. The trick is to find one that suits you and your educational needs.

Best Online Learning Platforms

These are universal platforms for different specializations with advanced features: integrations, differentiation of access rights, gamification, webinars and tests, issuance of certificates, built-in payment system.


Udemy is a vast repository of online courses with various topics such as development, business, finance, IT, office productivity, personal growth, design, marketing, photography, health, music, education, and academia.

Udemy courses vary in appearance, as lectures can include audio, video, text, and quizzes (although not all of these elements are required). And each of them is created and managed by a teacher.


Setting up a school in Zenclass is quick and easy. The interface on the platform is such that you do not need to learn how to use it from numerous lessons or hire a specialist to customize it. Everything is clear anyway – 10 minutes is enough for basic settings, including accepting payments. It looks more like social networks familiar to everyone or the most convenient website builders than complex platforms for courses.


Skillshare courses are designed and taught by renowned artists, writers and other creative people. They usually consist of a series of short video tutorials, many of which take an hour or less. However, you can follow “designated” exercises and tips to improve the experience and practice what you have learned. You can even share lesson-based projects with others who have taken the course. And since it’s a membership-based platform, you’ll be able to access all of the courses on the site.


Coursera is an online learning platform that can accommodate students with access to academic courses and yet get a university degree for less than the average cost of attending such classes or programs in person. Topics vary widely, including arts and humanities, mathematics and logic, IT, languages, and others.


Podia launched its standalone learning management system in 2016. Since then, this online course platform has earned a reputation amongst online tutors. They were ready to create and sell online courses for several hours. Hence, this is the best all-in-one platform for businesses, educational enterprises, and students.

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