Top Video Editing Softwares That Give Videos The Professional Finish

Top Video Editing Softwares That Give Videos The Professional Finish

Whether you own a business, you are an independent social media influencer, or an aspiring one, creating premium video content is a great way to connect with audiences and grow your influence, as there are many video editing softwares are available to edit the videos. 

You don’t need to have professional video editing skills, to make great video content. There are a host of video making tools available to help you bridge the gap. 

For amateur video makers, it’s advisable to start with a free-to-use platform that is simple to navigate and comes with lots of features that let you make versatile videos. 

Here’s a list of software and platforms that enable you to edit like a pro. 


This free-to-use video editing platform comes with several features and helps you transform raw footage and images into a professional-looking video. The platform enables you to make videos for multiple social media specs. offers a wide range of video editing options – templates and themes for all occasions like birthdays and Halloween to popular formats like memes. InVideo also has a wide collection of images that you can use to create a video from scratch. 

Additionally, you can make your videos more vibrant by using transitions, special effects, and animations, and personalize them with your favourite emojis and stickers. Choose from a wide range of soundtracks and effects for the finishing touches.  

HitFilm Pro

This is a great software solution because it is highly intuitive, comes with a range of advanced tools, yet, the interface is clean and uncluttered. However, amateur video makers may still find the interface too overwhelming as it comes with so many features. However, if you’re committed to becoming savvier with editing, this is a good interface to experiment with. 

HitFilm Pro comes with several mesmerizing special effects. It almost gives end-to-end access to all video post-production work, from colour grading and animations to captions and sound editing tools. Other features include the import and animation of custom 3D models and dynamic lighting. 

Apple Final Cut Pro X 

If you’ve been editing videos for a while and are looking for a more organized software with more functionalities, this is a good bet. Apple Final Cut Pro X lets you organize all the various elements connected to your video – voice-overs, music, and captions into a timeline and access and mix them easily. 

Final Cut Pro X also allows you to pair it with your drone and supports raw video footage of a wide range of makes and models available. 360-degree video editing is also possible, along with advanced color grading. You can purchase this software for a one-off flat fee. 

CyberLink PowerDirector

This is another great software for those who are passionate about editing. It comes with a flat fee and several premium features that help you create professional videos, sans the overwhelm. The Magic Movie Wizard enables you to combine and optimize your videos in a very streamlined way. 

You can put together videos very swiftly, and this is especially useful for those who post videos on their social media daily. It offers a timeline feature as well as all the usual perks of a post-production video edit machine. This is a fairly easy interface to navigate and makes video editing a super fun experience. 

Adobe Premiere Elements

Ease-of-use and an affordable one-time fee make this software an attractive software for beginners. It comes with several tutorials that show you the art of editing, as well as how to leverage all the tools and effects of the software to make your video pop. 

Its interface has large labelled buttons for every control, and it lets you jump easily between using wizards and the traditional multi-track timeline to create your video. 

Adobe Premiere Pro  

If you’re serious about acing your video-editing game and want to push the boundaries on creativity and craft, this is a great bet. It is used by a lot of industry professionals and offers a wide repertoire of options. If you plan to check it out, be prepared to put in the time to tinker with it and leverage all its features. This one does not come cheap. It has a monthly subscription. However, for professional editors, it’s an investment and not a cost. 

It comes with an array of audio and video filters, supports 360-degree and VR video editing, and supports a larger variety of formats. Another interesting feature is that it empowers you to work collaboratively with partners. You can use the free trial before upgrading to check if it serves all your needs.  

Tips To Choose The Right Editing Software

There are a few factors to keep in mind when experimenting with different interfaces. 

Ace Your Editing Craft

Video editing is a great skill to hone, and with practice, you can intuitively become an excellent editor, so why wait? Start right here to turn this skill into a career. Still, you can also leverage it for personal use, for your social media, to celebrate birthdays, design party invitation videos, and other occasions. Be creative, have fun, and give every video your best shot! Try here to get started and practice making videos faster.  

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