Mitron App short videos entertaining social platform, Tik-Tok rival

Mitron App short videos entertaining social platform, Tik-Tok rival

Mitron App is the latest Indian TikTok rival that has quickly gained fame, becoming one of the most popular in the country in a short amount of time. Released just over a month ago, the app has crossed 50 lakh downloads on play store, While TikTok is facing a disaster in India from multiple controversies due to the Youtube VS Tik Tok.

IIT Roorkee student Shivank Agarwal has reportedly developed the Mitron app, and at first glance, it looks just like a clone of TikTok.

Mitron is at the number seven spot of Free Apps on the Google Play charts, ahead of Instagram, Helo, and Facebook. It occurs behind TikTok (number two) and Aarogya Setu (in the top place). However, on Monday, it was at the number two spot as discussed in this tweet by Deepak Abbot, a former Senior Vice President of Paytm.

The app itself doesn’t appear to offer anything that reaches out so much. Still, a combination of good branding (using a word that means friends in Hindi, and is also extremely familiar in India as it is often linked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi), and anti-TikTok sentiment could be its moment in the Sun. The question is whether this can last — since it has already begun to lose a little momentum in 24 hours.

The user reviews are very positive. The app has an excellent 4.7 rating right now. The original content of the reviews is much more critical. As many users have looked out, there are lots of bugs, basic features like editing aren’t supported, login options are buggy, and adding audio is restricted.

Despite this, most reviews begin with, “I am glad this is an Indian platform.” The question is whether the developer can use this new momentum to now add the features quickly, or whether the users will expend their patience and switch to another app.

Mitron App

The Mitron app is a free short video and entertaining social platform. The creators say that the app is designed for people to “showcase their innovative videos inline” with light humour. “Our mission at Mitron is to build a platform where people can develop and entertain themselves with small videos posted by people across the globe and, at the same time, create a social incentive for people to share and create their videos,” the brief reads.

When we tried the app, the user interface seemed identical to that of TikTok’s. There’s not much to modify it in terms of content either, and (like most popular social media apps today), you’ll find videos with the TikTok logo on them in the Mitron app.

Mitron app within a month of its launch has crossed over 50 lakh downloads on Google Play. One feasible explanation over the app’s growing following could be anti-TikTok sentiments in India.

Due to this and various other controversies, the TikTok app has seen a surge of 1-star reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Similarly, the name of the app itself is tremendous friction for many Indians as the term; PM Modi has widely used Mitron (meaning friends).

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