Protect Your Job and Business While Using the Internet

Protect Your Job and Business While Using the Internet

When it comes to cybersecurity, it is common to begin by defining terms such as antivirus, firewalls or security settings. Still, many times we forget our most immediate environment: our workplace. 

A careless job can sometimes lead to a fundamental security breach. This is the environment where we handle information; leaving it exposed or accessible to third parties can lead to a security incident.

Considerations to Protect the Job

Lock the Device

One of the attack vectors used by cybercriminals is to take advantage of unlocked mobiles and computers. Our devices carry out fundamental and vital procedures for the business. In addition, they contain crucial information for the company. For this reason, it is essential that when we stop using them, they are not left unattended, even for a moment, blocking them to prevent anyone from compromising the company’s information.

Clean Table Policy

Even though we use digital media more and more frequently, printed paper documents continue to be a fundamental element for any company. The moment we stop using a document, it is necessary to archive it safely, even when we have to be temporarily absent. It will also need to be stored under lock and key, especially when dealing with confidential or business-critical documents. Remember to keep this in mind at the end of your workday.

Strong Passwords

Passwords must follow the complexity, length and periodicity established by the company’s secure password policy and be unique and never shared. It is not recommended to write it in places that are accessible, such as notes pasted on the screen or under the keyboard. One possibility is to use a password manager.

Securely Delete Documents

Documents that are no longer useful should be safely disposed of. The information they contain can be critical or valuable for another company or person. For this reason, they must be destroyed or deleted so that this information cannot be recovered. The same goes for hard drives, phones or USB sticks that have been damaged or are no longer helpful.

Don’t Neglect External Devices

Having all the devices in sight, any carelessness, loss, or theft could trigger a security incident. If you’re constantly on the go, store your devices when you’re not using them and encrypt the information they contain.

These are some guidelines you must follow to keep your workplace safe. All of them, accompanied by a workplace policy, will raise your company’s cybersecurity level.

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