Simple Ideas to Eat Well During the Working Day

Simple Ideas to Eat Well During the Working Day

Having an adequate diet is crucial when it comes to feeling healthy, vital, and energetic to face day to day. This also happens in the workplace because it directly influences productivity.

In this sense, company leaders must promote healthy eating habits to stimulate the well-being and health of their employees. Times have indeed changed. 

Before the pandemic broke out, the usual thing was to eat in the office, for which we took a super or ate a menu of the day in the bar downstairs. Today, with teleworking, many people have had to adapt their home to the office and reorient their day-to-day organization.

Be that as it may, we tell you some Yummy Sweets tricks to organize your menus so that you make sure you have an optimal diet every day of the week and save time, that valuable time that we often lack: 

Prepare a weekly menu: Planning is essential to have a balanced diet. If we don’t, we find ourselves with the problem of not knowing what to eat, and we make the mistake of opting for the quickest and easiest, which usually coincides with the least healthy. 

The key is to distribute the vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, and legumes according to tastes and preferences, try to make a menu as complete and varied as possible, and not eat the same thing for two days so as not to end up getting bored. 

Carry out batch cooking one day a week:  The trick is to dedicate one day, usually, Sundays, to prepare the dishes and not take up time from Monday to Friday. 

A good tip is to cook all the accompaniments, whether they are vegetable stews or creams, rice or sauces, which will always get us out of trouble. Also called meal prep, this option is excellent for planning weekly menus and avoiding unhealthy temptations. 

Make several meals a day: We mustn’t skip any meal because, if we do, we arrive at dinner with a terrible hunger and devour the first thing we find in the fridge, in addition to eating more than we should. For this reason, it is crucial to eat well at midday, adding satiating foods to our diet, such as avocado or extra virgin olive oil, which provide our body with good fats.  

Opt for healthy snacks to snack on between meals: We must remember the importance of taking breaks and taking the opportunity to snack on something between meals. 

There are many options to get rid of the bug and control hunger, such as nuts, hummus with carrots, or sugar-free treats that are 0% sugar and fat and only have 99kcal per bag. They will help us feel full and not continually think about the hours until the next meal.

Dedicate time to your meals: We must dedicate a moment to enjoy the food. The fast pace of life that we lead often does not allow us to enjoy food fully; we eat at full speed and do not even have seconds to savor it. 

Experts advise spending at least 30 minutes eating and chewing the food 5 to 10 times, being aware of how we are doing.

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