The 3 Most Viewed Video Games on Twitch this 2022

The 3 Most Viewed Video Games on Twitch this 2022

This platform has become viral among video game fans because the games of these video games can be broadcast live quickly.

In this sense, YouTube is one of the places where we used to find this type of content. 

However, Twitch is the platform par excellence for it. Twitch is a video streaming platform focused on video games, where we can find games played by users, eSports broadcasts and other related events. In addition to that, it is a social network for video game lovers.

Now that the concept of the platform has become a little clearer for us, we want to tell you about video games that are currently the most watched on Twitch.

3 Most Watched Video Games on Twitch this 2022

These are the three most watched video games on Twitch this 2022:

1. League of legends (148.26 million hours viewed): This game is a team strategy game. Two teams of five champions face off to see who destroys the other’s base first.

There is a list of 140 champions where you can choose the one that best suits your game. These make plays, assassinate rivals and take down turrets so you can achieve victory.

Do you know how much money it has generated? As of January 2022, it has generated about 90 million US dollars.

2. Grand Theft Auto V (29.41 million hours viewed): This video game is a saga with more than 15 titles set in different scenarios. Usually, a criminal performs various missions in exchange for money, where assignments are: assassinating people, kidnapping rich men, stealing cars, robbing banks, etc.

What surprises us the most is that this video game has made Rockstar generate no more and no less than about 6,000 million dollars.

3. Escape from Tarkov (114.49 million hours viewed): This video game is about war action and multiplayer. It is played in the first person for PC and takes us to the abandoned city of Tarkov in Russia. It is a fight without quarter between factions, local guerrillas and other enemies.

Now that you know how Twitch works and which are the most watched video games in 2022.

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