5 Ways to Qualify for a Personal Loan Easily

5 Ways to Qualify for a Personal Loan Easily

A personal loan is a great option to fulfil cash requirements. The leading banks of India offer a completely digital process with flexible tenure of up to 60 months. You can get an instant loan on an Aadhar card, income proof and a good credit score. It helps meet diverse personal needs like a wedding, medical expenses, business funding or higher education. Applying for a loan is quick and easy. But lenders will approve the application based on a few specific factors. This is mainly to ensure that borrowers do not default. 

 Not meeting the bank’s eligibility criteria leads to a delay or rejection of the aadhar loan. So, take a look at all you need to tick off to get the money on time.  

1. The Right Documents 

A common mistake of applicants is missing out on the required papers. Visit the official website of your bank to check what you need. The checklist must include:

  • Valid KYC
  • 3 month’s bank statement
  • Net banking or debit card details to set up e-mandate
  • eSign/eStamp for quick loan disbursal

Make sure the information on the copies is the same as that on the original. Passports and driving licenses should not be expired. A state government officer must sign the job card issued by NREGA. Don’t forget to check for specific documents needed for the salaried and self-employed customers.

2. Healthy Credit Score

 A personal loan is unsecured. The bank will offer the funds based on your credit profile. A score between 740 to 800 is considered ‘very good’ by the RBI. The higher the score, the better are the chances of getting the loan approved. Pay bills on time, avoid missing on EMIs and clear off existing debts. Try not to max out your credit card. All of these can help you build impressive credit. 

3. Match the Eligibility Criteria 

Try not to apply for an aadhar card loan without checking the eligibility requirements. Below are the basic ones which the top banks will expect you to fulfil. 

  • Minimum age 23 and 25 for salaried and self-employed customers, respectively
  • Maximum age at the time of maturity is 60 and 65 years for salaried and self-employed customers, respectively

These are basic criteria you must be aware of. Further, anyone residing in India or a resident of India will qualify for an emergency loan on aadhar card.

4. Appropriate Loan Amount 

Evaluate your requirements. Take a close look at your finances. Both of these are crucial to help you decide the ideal loan amount. You can also pay off the EMIs comfortably. The bank takes your income into account against the fund you wish to borrow. With too many existing debts and obligations, the chances of getting the aadhar card loan are impaired. So, do not demand an excessively high amount keeping your repayment capacity in mind. 

5. Avoid Multiple Lenders

Avoid applying for a personal loan simultaneously in different banks. They will perform hard inquiries with the credit bureau to assess your repayment capability. With many applications, you can come across as ‘credit hungry’. This can subsequently lower your score and hamper the chance of getting the loan. So, check the fees, interest rates and conditions and pick a bank that best suits your needs. 

Putting these tips into action can help you qualify for the personal loan. You can now finance both your planned and unplanned needs without worries.  

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