What is yawning, and What does a baby’s yawn mean?

What is yawning, and What does a baby’s yawn mean?

Babies are a universe full of mysteries because each action they perform can have more than one meaning, no matter how small. Yawning is not alien to bodily communication, and here we tell you why it occurs and what it means for a baby to take this deep inhalation.

What is yawning?

Let’s go from the beginning. “Yawning is involuntarily opening the mouth and taking a deep and prolonged inhalation of air .” This is done more frequently when you are tired or sleepy.” 

As per some studies, “When yawning, They expand and contract the walls of the maxillary sinus to pump air to the brain, which decreases its temperature. Located in our cheekbones, the maxilla is one of the four largest cavities in human heads.”

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With this, Hack compared the operation of computers with that of the brain, arguing that, like this device, the epicenter of the human being needs to receive ventilation so that it can continue to function normally and reduce the temperature of the human body.

What are yawns for?

“There is another theory that states that yawning serves to stretch the lungs and lung tissue. Stretching and yawning can be a way to flex your muscles and joints, increase your heart rate, and feel more awake. Some people believe that yawning is a protective reflex that redistributes an oily substance called surfactant that helps keep the lungs well-lubricated inside and prevents them from collapsing. Therefore, according to this theory, if we did not yawn, taking a deep breath would cost us a lot.”

Why do babies yawn?

All human beings yawn. Since we were babies. It is an involuntary action of the human being. In newborns and up to a little after 18 months, babies tend to yawn frequently, related to sleep or exhaustion. But specialists suggest that this act would also be a sign of hunger or boredom.

Should I worry about my baby yawning?

Despite being a regular act, there is a factor that we must take into account when our baby yawns. If you perform this action repeatedly within a minute, it could be a sign that you have a medical emergency that needs to be attended to immediately. Through repetitive yawning, it is also possible to identify if the child has a fever or is already starting a fever process.

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