Kundli GPT AI Horoscope Chatbot: Check Your Astrology Free

Kundli GPT AI Horoscope Chatbot: Check Your Astrology Free

Everyone knows about ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence and its usage; many are using AI tools to complete their work quickly and easily. Kundli GPT is the same tool as ChatGPT; Kundli GPT helps users find astrology-related answers. 

Kundli GPT is a Vedic astrology AI tool from this website anyone can know about their astrology; here, you will find a chatbot. By typing your query, you can learn about your Kundli.

Most Indians follow the kundli(horoscope); before sharing information about Kundli GPT, let’s highlight what kundli means. 

Kundli is a birth chart or horoscope; a Kundli entails the karmic map of the person’s past, present, and future events.

It uses advanced AI technology that analyses the kundli and gives users accurate answers. 

Innovative Technology of AI for Astrology

In every field, AI is utilized by the authorities to finish their work efficiently and quickly, and some are using it for time-saving and cost-saving. 

Many content writers, social media influencers, and bloggers are using AI tools, which helps them save time and money. 

The idea of online astrology brings kundli GPT on the Internet that helps those who want to explore their horoscope information. Generally, horoscopes can be read online with other websites, but kundliGPT is a chatbot-based tool that answers all the questions related to a person’s horoscope for free. 

What is Kundli GPT AI Astrology?

Kundli GPT AI is the free website. It’s also know as Kundli AI tool. It displays the information related to a person’s horoscope; in previous days, a horoscope expert person was used to tell about a person’s horoscope. But now it’s a turn of artificial intelligence. Everything is on the internet.

Online AI astrology is also available online; with just a click, you can discover information related to your horoscope. 

Ask your astrology question to an AI Astrologer with the help of AI Kundali just for free. For this, you need to tell your date of birth, name, and where you are from. Also, you have to mention some other details in the chat box; after filling in all the information, the chatbot will reply to your queries. 

Here is the screenshot of the chatbot message box and how it looks on the website:

Kundli GPT Chatbot
Image: KundliGPT.com

Kundli GPT App for Mobile

There are two ways to use Kundali GPT: from a website, kundligpt.com, and from an app, by installing it on your mobile.

By searching on Play Store, you can find the app. Just hit on install, and it will download to your mobile; after that, fill in all the required information to use the online service of Vedic astrology GPT. The Kundali GPT app is only available for Android users. 

Sitting in your home, if you want to know about your present and future career, profession, and challenges in life, you can do it from this AI Kundali app.

This Kundli chatbot provides personalized astrological answers to your questions within seconds. Download the Kundli GPT app to discover more about its benefits. 

How it looks on Android mobile, see the below picture:

KundliGPT With Multiple Languages

Kundli GPT can be accessible in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and others, which can be selected per the user’s need. 

You will select these different languages as per your choice on the web and the app. You can select which language you want to chat with a chatbot to know your astrology. 

Who is Behind the Kundli GPT?

This chatbot service is developed by Codelab7 Web Development Services. The leading man who worked for it was Raj Sutariya. He is well known for his skills in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

He is just 25 years old and exploring the technology; in April 2023, Raj launched the website kundliGPT and shared this on his LinkedIn. The site got massive clicks, and servers do not handle that traffic. After this, he took down the site and went live. After some days, he shared this on his Twitter @_raj_s_.

Raj resides in Dresden, Germany. He was born in Surat, Gujarat, India. He has a massive list of experience on his website, www.rajsutariya.me. You can see how he started his career and what he is doing now. 

Is Kundli GPT worth using and Safe?

For everything, there is merit and demerit. KundaliGPT is an online tool, and on the internet, we can’t fully believe whether it’s accurate or not. They mentioned on their website that they show accurate information and are confident about it. 

Also, they mentioned in the “About Us” that you can see “Kundli GPT is an experimental tool” and more about the tool. Hence, it’s a needy thing for those who want to use Kundli GPT. Kindly check out their disclaimer. 

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