WhatsApp bulk delete feature arrives, users can delete Bulk items

WhatsApp bulk delete feature arrives, users can delete Bulk items

WhatsApp announced a new feature that will ease the users control their mobile Storage well. The Whatsapp on Tuesday announced a new feature that would let users delete bulk messages either Text, Images, or Videos, and free up space on mobile.

WhatsApp was rumoured to be operating on this feature for quite some time now, and it has made it official for users.

Announcing the new bulk messages deleting feature on Twitter, WhatsApp tweeted from its official handle.

“We’ve made it easy to review, bulk delete items and free up space. This new storage management tool can be found in Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage.” WhatsApp also shared a video of how the feature will work.

In the posted video, it can be recognized that the user is informed with a ‘storage almost full’ banner on the top of their chat window when they hit the maximum limit.

If you tap on the Storage full banner, you will be carried to the Manage Storage section. The Manage screen will show which media has brought up how much space and other kinds of content.

How you can use the Bulk Deletion feature

  • Open your app and Go to Settings
  • Go to manage Storage and data
  • Then click on Manage storage

WhatsApp users will also get separate sections that will display the space taken up by forwarded messages and files that are larger than 5MB.

This would execute it more comfortable for users to get cleared of completely non-essential stuff. WhatsApp will also reveal how much space each chat on a contact list has taken up.

Users can free up memory files, media, and even messages by touching on the select all option.

User requires to identify that the media that they are removing from their app would live on their phones.

This feature only supports cleaning up the app store and not the phone storage. So if there is something that you need to delete from your phone, you will have to do it manually. WhatsApp will begin rolling out this feature to Android and iOS users.

“We now offer easy cleanup suggestions by bucketing both huge files and media that has been forwarded many times, sorting files by size in descending order, and providing a way to preview files before deleting them. You can also see a preview of media before selecting one or multiple items to delete. The new storage management tools are rolling out to users worldwide this week. When available, users can navigate to the new tool by going to Settings > Storage and data > Manage Storage,” WhatsApp stated in a statement.

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