Which Type of Gold is Most Suitable for Your Jewelry

Which Type of Gold is Most Suitable for Your Jewelry

Gold has always been the go-to for people when it comes to buying jewelry. Not only is it attractive, but also a metal of great value. And gold has always dominated the jewelry industry since times immemorial. Despite this, most people still lack knowledge of the different types of gold and what is best suited for your jewelry.

While most of us think of gold as shiny and yellow, when it comes to the different types of gold, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know that various types of gold can be understood and differentiated based on color, composition, purity, and karat value? 

In this article, check the list of various prevalent confusions related to the different types of gold. Our objective is to help you make an informed decision about the one most suitable for your jewelry. 


Karat refers to the significance of the ratio of pure gold to other metals in an alloy. It is general knowledge that gold is a very soft metal in its pure form. That is why gold is mixed with other metals to form an alloy, which is then used to make jewelry. 

Karat value of gold is measured on a scale of 0-24, where 24 karat gold refers to pure gold. Thus, the higher the karat value, the greater is the gold content in the alloy.

14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k are the regularly used types of gold in making gold jewelry. Each of these karat values has a function of its own.

14 karat gold: 

Among the different variants of gold, the 14k contains around 58% pure gold content and the remaining 42% as alloyed metals. This type of gold is highly durable and lasts very long. As a result, it is best suited for making regular-use jewelry. Its low gold content also means that it is relatively cheaper than other types of gold with higher karat value.

18 karat gold:

Containing 75% pure gold and 25% alloy, 18k gold is highly sought-after in making gold jewelry. Its more excellent gold content gives it a brighter yellow tint, while the 25% metal alloy helps create intricate patterns for the jewelry. 

22 karat gold:

With such a high gold content of 92%, the 22 karat gold is precious. It is often used to make jewelry, and the 8% alloy lends hardness and durability to it. But if you have jewelry made of 22k gold, you must take good care of it because rough use can cause it to lose its shape. This type of gold is most commonly seen in fashionable and expensive jewelry.

24 karat gold:

As we have already discussed, the 24 karat gold is pure gold. This means that it is the softest form of gold available. While buying 24k gold is a good investment and fetches an excellent resale value, it is not a great choice in jewelry-making. Its softness prevents it from holding intricate patterns, and in case you do end up having jewelry made of 24k gold, the chances are that it will lose its shape very soon.


Can give gold differently; attractive colors by altering its composition. This gives us different types of gold, which come in handy during jewelry making. 

Let us discuss some of the most popular colors that are obtained by altering the composition of gold.

White Gold: 

After the traditional yellow gold, white gold is perhaps, the most well-known variant of gold. It owes its light white shade to metals like nickel or palladium. Its subtle color makes it compatible with diamonds as well as stunning colored gemstones. 

Sometimes, it may happen that despite adding white metals to the gold alloy, it may retain a yellowish tint. In such cases, the final result is not appealing and cannot be sold. So, rhodium plating is carried out to ensure that the metal gets its perfect white shade. 

Rose Gold: 

These days, rose gold is everywhere. From watches to other accessories, people immensely love this shade due to its romantic and beautiful color. But where did this shade come from? 

Rose gold is composed by adding copper to gold. The amount of copper added determines the rose shade of the metal. If the alloy contains a more significant amount of copper, the final result is another shade – called Red Gold. 

Black Gold:

Jewelry makers are hopping onto the trend of creating pieces with different types of gold. Among these different variants, black gold has witnessed a surge in demand due to its sleek and classy appearance. 

Can obtain black gold in several ways. The most common method is to coat the surface of the metal with a black compound such as black rhodium. 

Others prefer turning the surface black by treating it with chemicals. Additionally, processes like the oxidation of gold that contains either cobalt, titanium, or iron also result in the formation of black gold.

Green Gold: 

When gold is mixed with either silver or cadmium, the result is a green alloy called green gold. This type of gold is not readily available, but it is refreshing to look at. 

Grey Gold: 

In a bid to sport jewelry in neutral shades, grey gold is understated but gorgeous. It is obtained by mixing silver, copper, and manganese to get a greyish shade that looks great for everyday wear.

Purple Gold:

Pure gold is mixed with aluminum to get a unique and different type of gold, also known as purple gold. Despite its lovely aesthetic shade, it has a downside. Since aluminum is brittle, purple gold is also brittle. Thus, it does not have long durability, unlike all the other types of gold.


The differences in the types of gold, be it karat value or composition and color, can fetch high prices if you desire to sell them. 

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